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Ibn Shapruṭ, Shem Ṭov, active 1375-1380

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  • Variants

    • us: Ben Shaprut, Shem-Tob ben Isaac, active 1375-1380
    • us: Ibn Šapruṭ, Šem Ṭob, active 1375-1380
    • us: Ibn Shafruṭ, Shem Ṭov, active 1375-1380
    • us: Ibn Shaprut, Shemtob ben Isaac, active 1375-1380
    • us: Shapruṭ, Shem Ṭov ibn, active 1375-1380
    • us: Shem-Tob ben Isaac ben Shaprut, active 1375-1380
    • us: Shem Ṭov ibn Shapruṭ, active 1375-1380
    • us: Shemtob ben Isaac ibn Shaprut, active 1375-1380
    • us: אבן שפר״וט, שם טוב, 1375 fl.־1380
    • us: אבן שפרוט, שם טוב
    • us: אבן שפרוט, שם טוב, 1380־1375 fl
    • us: שם טוב שפרוט, 1375־1380
    • us: שם טוב ן׳ שפר״וט מעיר תטי״לה
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    • Earlier Established Forms

      • Ibn Shapruṭ, Shem Ṭov, fl. 1375-1380
      • Ibn Shaprut, Shem-Tob ben Isaac, fl. 1375-1380
    • Sources

      • found: Bible. N.T. Matthew. Hebrew. Ibn Shapruṭ. 1987. The Gospel of Matthew according to a primitive Hebrew text, 1987: CIP galley (Shem-Tob ben-Isaac ben-Shaprut (sometimes called Ibn Shaprut); b. in Tudela in mid-14th cent.; later settled in Aragon where he practised med.; completed his Even boḥan in 1380)
      • found: Enc. Judaica, 1971: index (Shem Tov ben Isaac ibn Shaprut); v. 13, col. 52 (R. Shem Tov b. Isaac Shaprut)
      • found: Jewish ency., 1916 (Ibn Shaprut (Shafrut, not Sport or Sporta), Shem-Tob ben Isaac)
      • found: Univ. Jewish ency., 1941 (Ibn Shaprut, Shemtob ben Isaac)
      • found: Ency. Judaica, 1931 (ref. to: Schaprut, Schem-Tob b. Isaak Ibn)
      • found: Entsiḳ. ha-ʻIvrit, 1985: index (Shapruṭ, Shem-Ṭov ben Yitsḥaḳ)
      • found: Harvard cat., suppl., 1972 (Ibn Shaprut, Shem-Tob ben Isaac)
      • found: BM cat., 1867 (Shem-Tob ben Isaac Shafrut)
      • found: Oxford. Bod. Lib. cat., 1929 (Shemtob b. Shaprut b. Isaac)
      • found: LC man. cat. (hdg.: Ibn Shaprut, Shem-Tob ben Isaac, fl. 1375-1380; usage: Shem Ṭov n. Shapruṭ)
      • found: Šem Ṭob Ibn Šapruṭ, 'La Piedra de Toque' (Eben Bohan), 1997
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