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us: Margaret, of Austria, Duchess of Parma, 1522-1586

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  • Variants

    • us: Madama, 1522-1586
    • us: Margaret, Duchess of Parma, 1522-1586
    • us: Margaret, of Austria, Regent of the Netherlands, 1522-1586
    • us: Margaret, of Parma, 1522-1586
    • us: Margaretha, of Parma, Regent of the Netherlands, 1522-1586
    • us: Margarita, d'Austria, 1522-1586
    • us: Margherita, d'Austria, 1522-1586
    • us: Marguerite, d'Autriche, 1522-1586
    • us: Marguerite, de Parme, 1522-1586
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

    • Death Date

    • Birth Place

        (naf) Oudenaarde (Belgium)
    • Death Place

        (naf) Ortona (Italy)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Belgium
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Italy
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Netherlands
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Parma and Piacenza (Duchy)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Florence (Italy)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Ortona (Italy)
    • Gender

  • Earlier Established Forms

      Margaretha, of Parma, Regent of the Netherlands, 1522-1586Margaretha,of Parma, Regent of the Netherlands,1522-1586
  • Sources

    • found: Colangelo, M.T. La ballata di Margherita d'Austria ... 1987: t.p. (Margherita d'Austria) p. 5 (b. 1522, natural daughter of Charles V; m. Alessandro de' Medici and after his death, Ottavio Farnese; regent of the Netherlands for her half-brother Philip II; d. 1-20-1586)
    • found: LC manual auth. cd. (hdg.: Margaretha, of Parma, regent of the Netherlands, 1522-1586)
    • found: Encyc. Brit., 15th ed. (Margaret of Austria, duchess of Parma, 1522-1586)
    • found: Encyc. Amer., 1975 (Margaret of Parma; also known as Margaret of Austria; natural daughter of Charles V)
    • found: Lefevre, R. "Madama" Margarita d'Austria (1522-1586), 1986: t.p. (Margarita d'Austria)
    • found: Puaux, A. Madama, fille de Charles Quint, c1987: p. 4 of cover, etc. ("Madama," la fille bâtarde de Charles Quint, Marguerite d'Autriche; Marguerite de Parme (1522-1586))
    • found: Wikipedia, 8 October 2013 (Margaret, Duchess of Parma, born 28 December 1522, Oudenaarde; died 18 January 1586, Ortona. She was Governor of the Netherlands from 1559 to 1567 and from 1578 to 1582, was the illegitimate daughter of Charles V and Johanna Maria van der Gheynst. She was a Duchess consort of Florence and a Duchess consort of Parma and Piacenza by marriage
  • Editorial Notes

    • [Do not confuse with her great-aunt, Margaret, of Austria, Regent of the Netherlands, 1480-1530]
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    • 1987-05-19: new
    • 2013-10-09: revised
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