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Sneferu, King of Egypt

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  • Variants

    • Snefru, King of Egypt
    • Στ̔̈«”ϐδ·ρις, King of Egypt
    • Soris, King of Egypt
    • Snfrw, King of Egypt
    • Snefer, King of Egypt
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Snofru, King of Egypt
  • Sources

    • found: Lehner, M. The pyramid tomb of Hetep-heres ... 1985:p. 1 (Sneferu)
    • found: Encycl. Brit.(under Egypt; 4th dyn., ca. 2613-ca.2494 B.C.: Sneferu)
    • found: Breasted, J.H. Hist. of Egypt(Snefru; last king of 3rd dyn.)
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    • found: Britannica online, December 12, 2017(Snefru, also spelled Sneferu (flourished 25th century BCE), first king of ancient Egypt of the 4th dynasty (c. 2575-c. 2465 BCE); Snefru was succeeded by his son Khufu, the renowned builder of the Great Pyramid at Al-Jīzah)
    • found: Wikipedia, December 12, 2017(Sneferu (also read Snefru or Snofru), well known under his Hellenized name Soris (Greek: Στ̔̈«”ϐδ·ρις = Sōris) (by Manetho), was the founding monarch of the 4th dynasty during the Old Kingdom)
    • found: Ancient Egypt online, December 12, 2017(Snefru (aka Sneferu) was the first pharaoh of the Fourth Dynasty, during the Old Kingdom Period)
    • found: Journal of the American Research Center in Egypt, vol. 30 (1993):page 52 (Snefru)
    • found: The mystery of Snefer's pyramids, via WWW, viewed on December 12, 2017(Snefer or Snofru (Soris in Greek), was the founder of the Fourth Dynasty, reigning in 2613 BC until 2589 BC. He was married to Hetepheres; Sneferu and Hetepheres were the parents of the most famous pyramid constructor, Khufu) -
    • found: Ancient history encyclopedia, via WWW, viewed on December 12, 2017:Old Kingdom of Egypt (The Old Kingdom of Egypt (c. 2613-2181 BCE) is also known as the 'Age of the Pyramids' or 'Age of the Pyramid Builders' as it includes the great 4th Dynasty when King Sneferu perfected the art of pyramid building)
    • found: Gemeinsame Normdatei, via WWW, December 12, 2017(authorized access point: Snofru, Ägypten, Pharao; variants: Snofru, Ägypten, König; Snfrw, Ägypten, Pharao)
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