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Dabīr Siyāqī, Muḥammad

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  • Variants

    • Siyāqī, Muḥammad Dabīr
    • Qazvīnī, Muḥammad Dabīr Siyāqī
    • Dabirsyaghi, Mohammad
    • Dabir Siaghi, S. M.
    • Dabir Siaghi, M.
    • Dabīr Siyāqī, Sayyid Muḥammad
    • Dabirsiaghi, Muhammad
    • Dabirsiaghi, Seyyed Muhammad
    • Dabirsiaghi, Seyed Muhammad
    • Dabîrsiâghî, Mohammad
    • Dabîrsiâghî, Sayyed Mohammad
    • دبير سياقى، محمد
    • دبير سياقى، سيد محمد
    • دبيرسياقى، محمد
    • دبيرسياقى، سيد محمد
    • Dabirsiaqi, Seyyed Mohammad
    • Dabirsiaqi, Mohammad
    • Dabīrʹsiyāqī, Muḥammad
    • Dabīrʹsiyāqī, Sayyid Muḥammad
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) [1919,1920]
    • Gender

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  • Sources

    • found: nuc86-35610: Dihkhudā, ʻA.A. Dīvān-i Dihkhudā, 1360 [1981](hdg. on NjP rept.: Dabīr Siyāqī, Muḥammad; usage: Muḥammad Dabīr Siyāqī)
    • found: His Maqālāt-i Dihkhudā, 1983- :t.p. (Muḥammad Dabīr Siyāqī)
    • found: Gulchīnī az dīvān-i Nājī Qazvīnī, 2000:t.p. (Duktur Muḥammad Dabīr Siyāqī Qazvīnī)
    • found: Ḥamd Allāh Mustawfī Qazvīnī. Bakhsh-i nukhust-i Maqālah-ʼi sivvum-i Nuzhat al-qulūb, 2000:t.p. (Duktur Sayyid Muḥammad Dabīr Siyāqī) t.p. verso (Iranian CIP data: b. 1298 [1919 or 1920]) added t.p. (Dr. Mohammad Dabirsyaghi [in rom.]) p. 4 of jacket (Dr. S.M. Dabir Siaghi [in rom.])
    • found: Rahʹāghāz-i Ḥikmat, 2006:v. 1, t.p. (Duktur Sayyid Muḥammad Dabīr Siyāqī) added t.p. (Dr. Seyyed Muhammad Dabirsiaghi [in rom.]) t.p. verso (Iranian CIP data: b. 1298 [1919 or 1920])
    • found: Najm al-Mulk, ʻA. al-Gh. Safarnāmah-ʼi Khūzistān, 2006:t.p. (دکتر سيد محمد دبىر سىاقى = Duktur Sayyid Muۊhammad Dabڶir Siyڶaqڶi) added t.p. (Dr. Sayyed Mohammad Dabڴirsiڴaghڴi [in rom.])
    • found: Sūknāmah (mars̲īyahʹhā-yi manẓūm), 2013 or 2014:v. 1, t.p. (دکتر سيد محمد دبيرسياقى = Duktur Sayyid Muۊhammad Dabڶirټsiyڶaqڶi) p. 4 of cover (Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Dabirsiaqi [in rom.])
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    • 2016-12-06: revised
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