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Coster, Lourens Janszoon, approximately 1370-1439

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    • us: Coster, Laurens Janszoon, approximately 1370-1439
    • us: Koster, Laurens Janszoon, approximately 1370-1439
    • us: Janszoon, Laurens, approximately 1370-1439
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Coster, Lourens Janszoon, 1370 (ca.)-1439
    • Coster, Lourens Janszoon, ca. 1370-1439
  • Sources

    • found: LCCN 06-8071: Meerman, G. Uitvinding der boekdrukkunst, 1767 (hdg.: Coster, Lourens Janszoon, 1370 (ca.)-1439)
    • found: Hellinga, L. Laurens Janszoon Coster was zijn naam, 1988.
    • found: Koning, J. Verhandeling over den oorsprong, de uitvinding, verbetering en volmaking der boekdrukkunst, 1816: added title page (Laurens Koster) page 139-141 (Laurens Janszoon Koster; Laurens Janszoon; father Jan Laurenszoon or Jan Lauwereyszoen; lists several variant names documented in Haarlem archives; more probable that he was surnamed Koster after an office (kostersambt, sexton or sacristan) he held in the Groote- or Parochiekerk, Haarlem, than that it was his family name) pages 148-151 (probably born approximately 1370; no mention of him after 1435; probably died in late 1439 or 1440)
    • found: Wikipedia, October 5, 2016 (Laurens Janszoon Coster (ca. 1370, Haarlem, the Netherlands-ca. 1440), or Laurens Jansz Koster; purported inventor of a printing press from Haarlem; allegedly invented printing simultaneously with Johannes Gutenberg and is regarded by some in the Netherlands as having invented printing first; important citizen of Haarlem and held the position of sexton (Koster) of Sint-Bavokerk; mentioned in contemporary documents as an assessor (scabinus), and as the city treasurer; probably perished in the plague that visited Haarlem in 1439-1440)
    • found: Dutch Wikipedia, October 5, 2016 (Laurens Janszoon Coster is the name assigned to a supposed (only in the Netherlands, and especially in his hometown of Haarlem ) inventor of the printing press; in scientific circles, there is no doubt that the German Johannes Gutenberg was the inventor of the printing press; Coster's involvement is mainly based on oral tradition from the beginning of the 16th century; around that time there were two people in Haarlem named Laurens Janszoon; the first (1370-1439) was a merchant and never used the surname Coster; the second (1410-1484) used the surname and was the owner of the house on the Grote Markt 33 afterwards known as the Coster House, but he would have been too young to have invented the printing press in 1423, date of the mythical invention)
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