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Locher, Jacob, 1471-1528

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    • us: Locher, Jacobus, 1471-1528
    • us: Locher, Iacobus, Philomusus, 1471-1528
    • us: Locher, Jakob, 1471-1528
    • us: Locherus, Jacobus, 1471-1528
    • us: Philomusus, Jacobus, 1471-1528
    • us: Locher, Iacques, 1471-1528
    • us: Locher, Jacques, 1471-1528
    • us: Philomusus, 1471-1528
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  • Sources

    • found: nuc86-97004: Brant, S. Das Narrenschiff [MI] 1498 (usage on GmC rept.: Jacobus Locher)
    • found: NUC pre-56 (NL hdg.: Locher, Jacob, 1471-1528; usage: Iacobo Locher)
    • found: 'Costidis insignes laudes' (Carmen de Saneta Catharina), 1994: CLCLT-2, user's guide (Locher Philomusus, Iacobus)
    • found: Die "Stultifera navis," c2001: t.p. (Jakob Locher)
    • found: Madsen 859 (... Jacobum Locherum)
    • found: Boemus, J. In hoc libello continentur, 14 December 1515: p. [41] (... Iacobi Locher Philomusi poetae laureati) p. [42] (... Philomusam; ... Iacobi Philomusi poetae laureati)
    • found: Brant, Sebastian. La nef des folz du monde, 1497, that is, 1498: colophon ("Consecutiuement daleman en latin redigee par maistre Iacques Locher")
    • found: Ukena, Peter. "Locher, Jakob," in Neue Deutsche Biographie, v. 14 (1985), pages 743-744, via Deutsche Biographie website, April 24, 2018 (Locher (Philomusus), Jakob, humanist, dramatist, born at the end of July 1471, Ehingen/Donau, died 4.12.1528 Ingolstadt; studied in Basel (under Sebastian Brant) and in Ingolstadt, 1487-1489; voyage to Italy, 1493, followed by 30 year career as academic instructor at the universities of Freiburg im Breisgau and Ingolstadt and publisher and author of scholarly works; crowned as poet [laureate] by Maximilian I, 1497; published textbooks on rhetoric and grammar and editions of classical authors (Cicero, Horace, Seneca, etc.), works on theology and church history, and plays and poems on religious, political and erotic subjects; his translation into Latin of Brant's Das Narrenschiff (Latin title: Stultifera navis) was the basis for translations into most European languages) {}
    • found: German Wikipedia, April 24, 2018 (Jakob Locher (Latin Jacobus, called Philomusus; born at the end of July 1471 in Ehingen; died December 4, 1528 in Ingolstadt); humanist dramatist, philologist and translator; crowned Poeta laureatus by future Emperor Maximilian I in 1497; professor of poetry and rhetoric in Ingolstadt from 1498 to 1503, when a dispute with Georg Zingel occasioned his move to Freiburg im Breisgau; eventually dismissed by the academic senate of Freiburg and returned to Ingolstadt in 1506; remained a Catholic after the beginning of the Reformation)
    • found: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, April 24, 2018 (Locher, Jakob; gender: male; other names: Philomusus (Pseudonym); Philomusus, Johannes F. (Pseudonym); Philomusus, Jacobus (Pseudonym); Jakob, Locher; Jacobus, Locher; Philomusus, Suevus (Pseudonym); Locher, Jac.; Lochner, Jacobus; Locher, ...; Locher, Jacobus; Lochner, Jakob; Locher, Jacobus Philomusus; Locher, Jacques; Jacobus Philomusus; Locher Philomusus, Jacobus; Locherus, Jacobus; Locher, Iacobus, Philomusus; Loecher, Jakob; Locher, Jacob; life dates: 1471-1528; born Ehingen (Donau), ied Ingolstadt; humanist, dramatist, philologist, translator)
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    • PA8547.L4
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    • 2018-04-25: revised
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