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us: Old South Church (Boston, Mass.)

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  • Variants

    • us: Old South Church in Boston
    • us: Old South Church and Society (Boston, Mass.)
    • us: Old-South (Boston, Mass.)
    • us: OSC
  • Related Terms

    • us: Chambers Street Church (Boston, Mass.)
    • us: Mt. Vernon Congregational Church (Boston, Mass.)
    • us: Old South Association
    • us: Old South Meeting House (Boston, Mass.)
    • us: Old South Society (Boston, Mass.)
    • us: Union Congregational Church (Boston, Mass.)
  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Third Church (Boston, Mass.)
  • Sources

    • found: Its Order of exercises at the Old South Church, 1831.
    • found: MWA/NAIP files (hdg.: Old South Church (Boston, Mass.); usage: Old South Church; Old South Church in Boston; Old-South; Old South Church and Society; South New Brick Meeting House in Marlborough Street; note: established as Third Church; 1717 name changed to Old South Church; also called Marlborough Street Church)
    • found: Child, L.M. The Old South Meeting-House, 1874: p. 3 (successor to the Third Church)
    • found: NUCMC data from Congregational Library for Union Congregational Church. Records, 1822-1948 (in 1948 Union Congregational Church closed and its congregation merged with that of Old South Church)
    • found: NUCMC data from Congregational Library for Mt. Vernon Congregational Church. Records, 1842-1970 (Mt. Vernon Congregational Church founded 1842; in 1970 federated with Old South Church with whom it shares a minister; has no building today but meets annually to vote on financial matters; Chambers Street Church, originally affiliated with Old South Church, became independent in 1861, merged with Mount Vernon in 1879)
    • found: NUCMC data from Congregational Library for Its Records, 1669-1986 (Church gathered in 1669 by seceders from First Church, who formed Third Church (later Old South); present meeting house built in 1730 currently owned by Old South Association, the administrator of properties owned by the church; Old South Society org. 1735, inc. in 1845 as Old South Church when activities of society and church merged)
    • found: WWW, Jan. 2, 1998 (Old South Church; OSC; our second church, the Old South Meeting House, is now a museum)
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    • 1998-01-05: revised
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