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us: American Type Founders Company

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    • us: American Type Founders Co.
    • us: A.T.F. Co.
    • us: ATF Co.
    • us: American Typefounders' Company
    • us: ATF (American Type Founders)
    • us: American Type Founders
    • us: Daystrom, Inc.
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  • Sources

    • found: Mackellar, Smiths & Jordan. Specimens of printing types, 1871 (name not given)
    • found: Annenberg, M. Type foundries of Amer. and their catalogs, 1975: p. 41, etc. (American Type Founders Company; incorp. 2/8/1892, a combined company of 23 individual firms, including the principal branch of Mackellar, Smiths & Jordan Co. and Phelps, Dalton & Co.)
    • found: MWA/NAIP files (hdg.: American Type Founders Company; usage: American Type Founders Company; American Type Founders Co.; A.T.F. Co.; variant: American Typefounders' Company; note: later forms of name and subsidiaries include American Type Founders Sales Corporation [no publications in LC database]; American Type Founders, inc. (Incorporated 1946) [no publications in LC database]; and Daystrom, inc. [no publications in LC database])
    • found: LC in RLIN, 4/4/88 (hdg.: American Type Founders Company; usage: American Type Founders Co.)
    • found: LC manual auth. cd. (Incorporated in N.J. Feb. 1892 as American Type Founders Company, a consolidation of several of the leading type foundries of the U.S. including John Ryan Foundry [no publications in LC database] of Baltimore and Marder, Luse, and Company [no publications in LC database]; name changed to American Type Founders, inc., May 14, 1936)
    • found: Typophile website, 1 Sept 2009 American Type Founders page (Foundries incorporated into ATF included Inland Type Foundry)
    • found: Typefounders of America and their catalogs, 1994: pages 41-42 (American Type Founders Company; incorporated 8 February 1892 in response to a crisis in the industry: there were too many small plants all in competition with each other. In response 23 scattered plants combined to form the American Type Founders Company; other plants joined later. By 1919 nearly all had joined, but the individual plants continued to operate under their own names. In 1910 the plants were closed and operations moved to Jersey City, N.J., where a new plant had been built in 1903. Catalogs through 1941 listed)
    • found: Classic typefaces: American type and type designers, 2011: page 263 (American Type Founders; ATF; created in 1892 by the absorbtion of 23 independent type foundries, including Boston Type Foundry; Barnhard Brothers & Spindler; Inland Type Foundry; Marder, Luse & Co. [no publications in LC database]; James Connor & Sons [no publications in LC database]; Cincinnati Type Foundry; AD Farmer & Son Type Foundry [no publications in LC database]; Type Founders [no publications in LC database]; Damon Type Foundry [no publications in LC database]; Central Type Foundry [no publications in LC database]; Dickinson Type Foundry; Bruce's New York Type Foundry; KeystoneType Foundry [no publications in LC database]; Pacific States Type Foundry [no publications in LC database]; Standard Type Foundry [no publications in LC database]; Illinois Type Foundry [no publications in LC database]; Damon & Peets [no publications in LC database]; Great Western Type Foundry [no publications in LC database]; Benton, Waldo & Co. Type Foundry [no publications in LC database]; H.C. Hansen Type Foundry; MacKellar, Smiths & Jordan. Started as a federation. During the 1960s briefly became a subsidiary of another company; in 1970 American Type Founders bought Lanston Monotype Manufacturing Company; "more recently" the company became known as Kingsley ATF; the firm now manufactures digital type.
    • found: Type: the secret history of letters, 2004: page 54-55 (The early 1990s spelled the end for the two twentieth-century giants of the metal type business: American Type Founders (ATF) in New Jersy, and Monotype Corporation in Surry. ATF's problems began with the purchase of Lanston Monotype in 1970, which proved a financial burden they were unable to bear. Purchased by White Consolidated Industries, which laid off employees and resold ATF to Kingsley Imprinting, a Los Angeles Firm. They moved to digitize the fonts, but it was too late, and the ATF and its assets were put up for auction in August 1993)
    • found: ATF typographic accessories: specimen catalog and price list, 1961: back cover (American Type Fonders; 200 Elmora Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey)
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