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Galatasaray Lisesi

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    • Lycée de Galata-Sérail
    • Galatasaray High School
    • Lycée de Galatasaray
    • Galatasaray Üniversitesi. Galatasaray Lisesi
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        • Affiliation Address: Kuloğlu Mahallesi, İstiklâl Cad. No: 159 , , İstanbul 34430
        • Affiliation Address:
        • City: İstanbul
        • Post Code: 34430
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        • Affiliation Start: 1994
        • Organization: (naf) Galatasaray Üniversitesi
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    • Descriptor

    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Turkey
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Istanbul (Turkey)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Beyoğlu (Istanbul, Turkey)
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Galata (Istanbul, Turkey)
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  • Sources

    • found: Şişman, A. Galatasaray Mekteb-i Sultânı̂si'nin kuruluşu ve ilk eğitim ... 1989:p. 10, etc. (Galatasaray Lisesi, secondary school in Istanbul f. 1868 as Galatasaray Mekteb-i Sultânı̂si)
    • found: Büyük lûgat ve ansikl.(Galatasaray Lisesi; est. as Galatasaray Mektebi Sultanı̂si; name chgd. to Galatasaray Lisesi with founding of Turkish Rep.)
    • found: Mamboury, Ernest. Ankara, novembre 1933:title page (Lycée de Galata-Sérail, Istanbul)
    • found: Galatasaray Lisesi website, 11 February 2019:main page (Galatasaray Lisesi) The history of Galatasaray High School (origins in Galata Sarayı Humayun Mektebi (Galata Palace Royal School) [no publications in OCLC database as of 4 April 2019]; Galata Serail Foundation: 1481-1675, then reopened in 1715; Galata Serail Madrasa [no publications in OCLC database as of 4 April 2019]; became used as a medical school and military base; restarted operation on 1 October 1868 with name Mekteb-I Sultani (Royal School); instruction on par with French high school education; included students of Catholic, Orthodox and Jewish faiths; curriculum in French or Turkish; took name Galatasaray Lisesi (Galatasaray High School) in 1924; humanities started to be taught in Turkish; in 1965, girl students accepted into the school; effective 6 June 1994, Galatasaray Instruction and Education Institution became Galatasaray University; the Galatasaray high school and the elementary school in conjunction with it remained educational units attached to the university rectorate) Contact (Galatasaray Lisesi, Kuloğlu Mahallesi, İstiklâl Cad. No: 159, 34430 Beyoğlu - İstanbul) -
    • found: Wikipedia, 11 February 2019(Galatasaray High School (Turkish: Galatasaray Lisesi, French: Lycée de Galatasaray); high school in Istanbul, Turkey; established 1481, oldest high school in Turkey, 2nd-oldest Turkish educational institution after Istanbul Universit; an Anatolian High School: access to the school is open to students with high Nationwide High School Entrance score; education consists of blend of Turkish and French curricula, provided in both languages; located near Genoese citadel of Galata, in Galata quarter of district of Beyoğlu; history: Bayezid II founded Galata Sarayı Enderun-u Hümayunu in 1481, Ottoman Imperial School [no publications in OCLC database as of 4 April 2019]; Galata Palace Imperial School; remained open until 1830s, when Sultan Mahmud II (1808-1839) replaced Imperial School with Ottoman Medical School [no publications in OCLC database as of 4 April 2019]; under Sultan Abdülaziz, in September 1868, influenced by the French Lycée model, a school was established under name Lycée Impérial Ottoman de Galata-Sérai (Galatasaray Mekteb-i Sultanisi); French the main language of instruction, many teachers European; students included members of all religious and ethnic communities of Ottoman Empire; with proclamation of Republic of Turkey in 1923, school name was changed to Galatasaray Lisesi; Turkish-French Bilateral Agreement of 1992 led to foundation of Galatasaray University, which essentially grew out of the Lycée; with addition of new primary education school, the 3 units emerged as autonomous components of integrated education system under aegis of University)
    • found: Wikidata, 4 April 2019(Galatasaray High School (Q1007545); description: high school; instance of: secondary school; inception: 1481, Gregorian; founded by: Bayezid II; country: Turkey; located in the administrative territorial entity: Istanbul; coordinate location: 41° 1ʹ 58.001ʺ N, 28° 58ʹ 43.000ʺ E; language used: French; headquarters location: Beyoğlu) -
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