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Dodecanese Islands (Greece)

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  • Variants

    • us: Dodekánisa (Greece)
    • us: Dhodhekánisos (Greece)
    • us: Dōdekanēsos (Greece)
    • us: Dodecanese (Greece)
    • us: Dodecanesus (Greece)
    • us: Dodekanisos Islands (Greece)
    • us: Dodecaneso (Greece)
    • us: Dokanisos (Greece)
    • us: Nomos Dodecanese
    • us: Nomos Dōdekanēsou (Greece)
    • us: Nomós Dhodhekanísou (Greece)
    • us: Nomós Dodekanísou (Greece)
    • us: Notiai Sporadhes (Greece)
    • us: Nótioi Sporádhes (Greece)
    • us: Southern Sporades (Greece)
    • us: Sporades (Dodecanese Islands, Greece)
    • us: Sporádhes (Dodecanese Islands, Greece)
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  • Sources

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    • found: Enc. Brit., 1983 (Dodecanese, group of 12 islands in the Aegean constituting Dhodhekánisos nomos (department))
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    • found: GeoNames, algorithmically matched, 2009 (adm2; 36°50ʹ00ʺN 027°05ʹ00ʺE)
    • found: Wikipedia viewed 15 May 2014 (Dodecanese; Greek: Δωδεκάνησα, Dodekánisa; literally 'twelve islands'; a group of 12 larger plus 150 smaller Greek islands in the Aegean Sea; they belong to the Southern Sporades island group; Rhodes (Rodos) has been, for millennia, the island from which the region is controlled; until the 19th century, the modern Dodecanese were not differentiated from the other Southern Sporades; they became a distinct group as the "Twelve Islands" only through the Italian occupation from 1912 on; formerly one of the prefectures of Greece until 1 January 2011 when its territory was divided into 4 regional units of the South Aegean region: Kalymnos Karpathos Kos Rhodes)
    • found: Old Countries website, viewed 5 June 2014: under Dodecanese Islands (the Dodecanese Islands of Astipalea, Kalimnos, Karpathos, Kassos, Kastellorizo, Kos, Leros, Nisyros, Patmos, Rhodes, Simi, and Tilos were part of the Ottoman Empire since 1522; on 4th June 1912, the islands declared independence as the Federation of the Dodecanese Islands; this was not recognised by the international community; instead, the islands were occupied by Italy; on 26th April 1915, the Italian Colony of the Dodecanese Islands was recognised by Italy's allies; from 11th September 1943, the islands were occupied by Germany; from 7th May 1945, a British military administration took over, and on 15th September 1947 this was replaced by Greek administration; the islands were incorporated into Greece on 7th March 1948)
    • found: GEOnet, viewed Dec. 4, 2014 (Dodecanese Islands [conventional], Dodekánisa [approved], Nomós Dodekanísou [approved]; islands and ADMDH in Notio Aigaio, Greece, 36°50ʹ00ʺN 027°05ʹ00ʺE; variants: Dhodhekánisos, Dodecanesus, Dodekanesos, Dodekánisos, Dokanisos, Notiai Sporadhes, Nótioi Sporádhes, Southern Sporades, Sporades, Sporádhes, Nomós Dhodhekanísou, Nomos Dodecanese)
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