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Czech Republic

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    • us: Česká republika
    • us: ČR
    • us: Tschechische Republik
    • us: Česko
    • us: Czechia
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    • Sources

      • found: BGN, 07-10-90 (Česká republika [Czech]; Czech Republic [conventional]: ADM1, 49°45ʹN, 15°00ʹE)
      • found: S, '90, 1: colophon (... České republiky; ČR)
      • found: BGN Foreign Names Comm. Recommended file changes, 4 Jan. 1993: p. 1 (present entry: Česká Republika [Czech]; Czech Republic [conventional]; ADM1; recommended entry: Czech Republic [conventional]; Česká Republika [Czech]; PCLI, 49°45ʹN, 15°00ʹE) p. 2 (as of 1 Jan. 1993, Czechoslovakia ceased to exist as a unitary independent state and has been succeeded by two independent states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia)
      • found: BGN. Foreign names info. bull., 15 Feb. 1993: p. 1 (former name: Česká Republika [Czech]; Czech Republic [conv.]; new name: Czech Republic [conv.]; Česká Republika [Czech]: PCLI, 49°45ʹN, 15°00ʹE)
      • found: Books from the Czech Republic, c1995: t.p. (Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic; Ministeriums für Kultur der Tschechischen Republik)
      • found: Česko versus Czechy? On the geographic name of the Czech Republic, 1999: (In spring 1993, the the Czech Land Survey and Cadaster Bureau introduced, in agreement with the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the one-word geographical name of the Czech Republic Česko with English variant Czechia)
      • found: The changing religious landscape of Europe, 2005: p. 189 (Czechia, or Czechoslovakia)
      • found: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic website, viewed 15 Dec. 2016: factsheet issued 21.04.2016 (Short country name "Česko"/"Czechia" to be entered in UN databases; The full country name "Czech Republic" ("Česká republika") will remain the country's official political name. "Czechia" will be used only as the English version of the short country name "Česko")
      • found: GEOnet names server, viewed 15 Dec. 2016 (Czechia [conventional]; Czech Republic [conventional]; Czechia [short]; Česká republika [approved]; Česko [short]; geopolitical entity name (code): Czechia (EZ))
      • notfound: LC data base, 11-28-90 (hdg.: Czech Socialist Republic (Czechoslovakia))
    • Editorial Notes

      • [Name heading valid for the 1993+ sovereign nation and for the 1990-1992 component part of Czechoslovakia.]
    • Change Notes

      • 1990-11-28: new
      • 2016-12-16: revised
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