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Phahonphonphayuhasēnā (Phot), Phrayā, 1887-1947

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  • Fuller Name

    • Phot
  • Variants

    • Bahol Balabayuha Sena, Phya, 1887-1947
    • Phahon (Phot), Phrayā, 1887-1947
    • Phahonphalaphayuhasēnā (Phot), Phrayā, 1887-1947
    • Phahonphonlaphayuhasēnā (Phot), Phrayā, 1887-1947
    • Phahonyōthin, Phot, 1887-1947
    • Phot Phahonyōthin, 1887-1947
    • Sarāyutthasō̜rasak (Phot), Phrayā, 1887-1947
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  • Sources

    • found: Suphot Dāntrakūn. Khwāmrapphitchō̜p khō̜ng Khana Ratsadō̜n ... 1990:1st port. (Chētthaburut: Phon ʻĒk Phrayā Phahonphonphayuhasēnā (Phot Phahonyōthin), head of Khana Ratsadō̜n)
    • found: ʻUthai Sinthusān. Sārānukrom Thai, 1973-1979:v. 16, p. 3016 (Phahonphonphayuhasēnā, Phon ʻĒk (Phrayā (Phot Phahonyōthin); Second Thai prime minister; b. 3 Mēsāyon 2430, Bangkok [Thailand]; entered Military Academy (1901) and was selected for training in Germany (1904); graduated 2nd lieutenant in German Army after 8 years; studied armory science in Denmark; back in Thailand became 2nd lieutenant of Ratchaburi Artillery Division and advanced until he held rank and conferred title of Major Phrayā Sarāyutthasō̜rasak (1924); director of Khok Krathiam Artillery Academy, Lop Buri (1926); colonel (1927); inspector general of artillery (1930); Phrayā Phahonphonphayuhasēnā (1931); head of group that changed government from system of absolute monarchy to democracy, 24 June 1932, Phrayā Nōpakō̜nnitithādā being made first prime minister; when latter closed National Assembly Phrayā Phahon-- forced him out of office and became himself prime minister (1933)) p. 3018 (d. 14 Kumphāphan 2490)
    • found: Samut thīralưk khō̜ng Samnak Nāyok ... 1937:3rd prelim. p. (Nai Phan ʻĒk Phrayā Phahonphonphayuhasēnā, nāyok ratthamontrī) 4th prelim. p. (H.E. Colonel Phya Bahol Balabayuha Sena [in rom.], president of the Council of Ministers)
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