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Armenia (Republic)

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  • Variants

    • Republic of Armenia
    • Hayastan (Republic)
    • Hayastani Hanrapetutʻyun
    • République arménienne
    • Arménie (Republic)
    • Republik Armenii͡a
    • Respublika Armenii͡a
    • Armenii͡a (Republic)
    • HH
    • Haikakan Hanrapetoutioun
    • Armeneja (Republic)
    • Republiek van Armenië
    • Ermänistan (Republic)
    • Ermänistan Respublikası
    • Арменія (Republic)
    • Рэспубліка Арменія
    • Ermenija (Republic)
    • Армения (Republic)
    • Republika Ermenija
    • Република Армения
    • Republika Armenii͡a
    • Jumhūrīyat Armīnyā
    • Armīnyā (Republic)
    • أرمينيا (Republic)
    • Armīniyā (Republic)
    • جمهورية الأرمينية
    • Jumhūrīyah al-Armīniyah
    • Ermenia (Republic)
    • Rèpublica d'Armènie
    • ЦIамухъ (Republic)
    • T͡Sḣamukhʺ (Republic)
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    • Descriptor

        Independent political entity
    • Descriptor

        (aat) Countries (sovereign states)
    • Descriptor

    • Descriptor

        (aat) Nations
    • Descriptor

        (thesoz) Nation
    • Descriptor

        (thesoz) National state
    • Descriptor

        (eurovocen) State
    • Descriptor

        (stw) State
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  • Sources

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    • notfound: LC data base, 05-27-92 (hdgs: Armenian S.S.R. and Armenia)
  • Editorial Notes

    • [Non-Latin script references not evaluated.]
    • [DESCRIPTIVE USAGE: Name heading for the government for both 1918-1920 and after 1991. Use "Armenia" as qualifier for places within the country.]
    • [SUBJECT USAGE: This heading is used for works on Armenia since 1920. Works on revolutionary events in the historical region of Armenia, including the Armenian Republic, 1918-1920, are entered under the subject heading Armenia--History--Revolution, 1917-1920.]
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    • 1992-05-27: new
    • 2019-03-04: revised
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