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South Ossetia (Georgia)

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  • Variants

    • Samxretʻ osetʻi olkʻi (Georgia)
    • Samkhret' Oset'is Avtonomiuri Olk'i (Georgia)
    • Samxretʻ osetʻis avtonomiuri olkʻi (Georgia)
    • Samkhret' Oset'is AO (Georgia)
    • Samxretʻ osetʻis AO (Georgia)
    • Samxretʻi osetʻia (Georgia)
    • Samkhreti Osetia (Georgia)
    • I︠U︡zhnai︠a︡ Osetii︠a︡ (Georgia)
    • Autonomous Region of South Ossetia (Georgia)
    • South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast (Georgia)
    • Samachablo (Georgia)
    • Republic of South Ossetia (Georgia)
    • Respublika Yuzhnaya Osetiya (Georgia)
    • Respublika I︠U︡zhnai︠a︡ Osetii︠a︡ (Georgia)
    • RI︠U︡O
    • Respublikæ Khussar Iryston (Georgia)
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    • Sources

      • found: I︠U︡zhnai︠a︡ Osetii︠a︡--i krovʹ, i pepel--, 1991.
      • found: GEOnet, 07-20-05(South Ossetia [Provisional], ADMD 42°20ʹ00ʺN, 44°00ʹ00ʺE; former name: Yugo-Osetinskaya Avtonomnaya Oblastʹ; variant former name: Yugo-Osetinskaya AO; variants: South Ossetian Autonomous Oblast; Samkhret' Oset'is Avtonomiuri Olk'i; Samkhret' Oset'is AO [NATIVE NAME TO BE DETERMINED])
      • found: Russia and newly independent states of former USSR [MAP] March, 1993:(Georgia: Autonomous region [of] South Ossetia)
      • found: Kʻartʻveli da osi xalxebis urtʻiertʻobis istoriidan, 1991:t.p. (Samxretʻ osetʻis olkʻis)
      • found:̲ssetia(The Republic of South Ossetia: Ossetian: Respublikæ Khussar Iryston; Russian: [Respublika I︠U︡zhnai︠a︡ Osetii︠a︡]; Respublika Yuzhnaya Osetiya; Georgian: Samxretʻi osetʻia [Samkhreti Osetia]: is a de facto independent republic within Georgia. Although it has declared its independence, its separation from Georgia has not been recognized by any other country. Georgia itself refuses to recognise South Ossetia as a distinct entity; the government calls it by the ancient name of Samachablo or, more recently, Tskhinvali region (after the republic's capital). South Ossetia is formally part of the Georgian region of Shida Kartli)
      • found: Uchenye I︠U︡zhnoĭ Osetii, 2004:p. 4 (Respublike I︠U︡zhnai︠a︡ Osetii︠a︡ (RI︠U︡O))
      • notfound: LC data base, 10-22-92 (I︠U︡go-Osetinskai︠a︡ avtonomnai︠a︡ oblastʹ (Georgian S.S.R.))
      • found: GeoNames, algorithmically matched, 2009(civil; 42°20ʹ00ʺN 044°00ʹ00ʺE)
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      • 1992-10-22: new
      • 2010-05-17: revised
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