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us: MacGregor, T. J.

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  • Variants

    • us: Janeshutz, Patricia Marie, 1947-
  • See Also

    • us: Drake, Alison, 1947-
    • us: Janeshutz, Trish, 1947-
    • us: MacGregor, Trish, 1947-
  • Sources

    • found: Author's Storm surge, 1994: CIP t.p. (T.J. MacGregor)
    • found: Her Mistress of the bones, 1995: CIP t.p. (Trish MacGregor) data sheet (MacGregor, T.J.; b. 06/07/47) bk t.p. (T.J. MacGregor)
    • found: Her On ice, 1989: t.p., etc. (T.J. MacGregor) p. 344 (r. in south Florida; first three novels in the Quin St. James/Mike McCleary series were Dark fields, Kill flash, and Death sweet)
    • found: Cont. authors online, Oct. 11, 2001 (Alison Drake; b. June 7, 1947 in Caracas, Venezuela; American novelist; m. Rob MacGregor, also a writer; uses name T.J. MacGregor, Trish MacGregor, Trish Janeshutz, Patricia Janeshutz and pseudonym Alison Drake; author of Storm surge (1993), Mistress of the bones (1995), High strangeness (1992), On ice (1989), etc.)
    • found: Cont. authors online, Feb. 2, 2005 under name: Alison Drake (Patricia M(arie) Janeshutz (American writer, 1947-) [info under listing for Janeshutz]: Also known as: Patricia Marie Janeshutz, Trish Janeshutz, T. J. MacGregor, Alison Drake, Patricia M. Janeshutz [info. under listing for: Alison Drake]: under the name T. J. MacGregor, Patricia Janeshutz writes a mystery series; born June 7, 1947, in Caracas, Venezuela; American citizen born abroad; daughter of Anton Carl Janeshutz; married Rob MacGregor (a writer), July 16, 1983; list of works includes 2 written under name Trish Janeschutz; 5 under Alison Drake; 9 under Trish MacGregor; majority under T.J. MacGregor)
  • LC Classification

    • PS3563.A31115
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    • 1992-12-18: new
    • 2014-06-11: revised
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