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Tupper Corporation

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      • found: NUCMC data from Rhode Island Historical Society for Blackstone Manufacturing Co. Records, 1808-1935(in mid-50s Blackstone Mill sold to Tupper Corporation and used afterwards for the production of plastic)
      • found: Clarke, Alison J. Tupperware, c1999:p. 9 (Tupper Plastics Company [no pubs. in LC], est. 1939 by Earl Tupper) p. 34-35 (by 1940 called the Earl S. Tupper Company [no pubs. in LC]; Tupper Plastics Incorporated (ca. 1942) became known after 1947 as the Tupper Corporation) p. 92+ (Tupperware Home Parties; THP; Earl Tupper purchased Hostess Home Accessories to become the Hostess Division of Tupper Corporation in Aug. 1950, then Sept. 1951 formed it as its "sister company", Tupper Home Parties, with responsibility for distribution and promotion of Tupperware products, and with Brownie Wise as vice-pres.) p. 101-102 (Tupper Corporation expanded to new plant in Blackstone, Mass; Tupper Home Parties HQ located in Orlando, Fla.) p. 186 (Tupper Corporation and its subsidiaries, e.g., Tupperware Home Parties, sold Sept. 1958 to Rexall Drug Company (Pres., Justin Dart), but Tupper became chair of the newly owned Tupper Corporation board) p. 188 + ("the assimilation of the product and sales system into an international market actually began as early as 1952 "; 1952-1956 developed markets in Africa, Germany, Guatemala, etc.; early 1960's formally expanded into European market; by 1970's Tupperware selling in Asia Pacific, Middle East, South Africa; by 1975 competition between Tupperware Europe and Tupperware US; by 2000 Tupperware Corporation anticipates expanded markets in China, Indian, Central Europe) p. 232-233 (bibl. #15: by 1983 Tupperware, a division of Dart & Kraft Industries; bibl. #26: Premark International, a spin-off of Dart & Kraft, took over Tupperware in 1988; bibl. #28 (Tupperware Corporation annual report))
      • notfound: Standard & Poor's register of corporations ... 2006: v. 1, p. 3025 (Tupperware Corporation; Orlando, Fla.)
    • Editorial Notes

      • [Tupper Corporation produced the Tupperware products; Tupperware Home Parties handled distribution as its "sister" company; eventually, in its complex history, the entire corporate enterprise became known by the name of its product; see also Tupper Corporation]
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