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us: Schneider, Andrea Kupfer

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    • found: Fischer, R. Beyond Machiavelli: tools for coping with conflict, 1994: CIP t.p. (Andrea Kupfer Schneider) data sheet (Schneider, Andrea Kupfer)
    • found: Creating the Musée d'Orsay: the politics of culture in France, 1998: CIP t.p. (Andrea Kupfer Schneider) data sheet (b. June 3, 1966)
    • found: Dispute resolution, 2014: title page (Andrea Kupfer Schneider (professor of law; director, Dispute Resolution Program, Marquette University School of Law))
    • found: Marquette University Law School website, May 8, 2014: faculty & staff directory (Andrea Schneider; professor of law; Professor Schneider joined the faculty of Marquette Law School in 1996; the author or co-author of numerous books and book chapters in the field of dispute resolution including: Dispute resolution: examples and explanations (2009 & 2014) with Michael Moffitt and co-editor of: The negotiator's fieldbook (2007) with Christopher Honeyman; her other textbooks include: Negotiation: processes for problem-solving (2006) and Mediation: practice, policy & ethics (2006), as well as: Dispute resolution: beyond the adversarial model (2005, 2nd ed. 2011), with Carrie Menkel-Meadow, Lela Love & Jean Sternlight; she also is a co-author of two additional books on negotiation with Roger Fisher: Beyond Machiavelli: tools for coping with conflict and: Coping with international conflict; also wrote: Creating the Musee d'Orsay: the politics of culture in France (1998))
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