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us: New Zealand. Learning Media

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  • Variants

    • us: Learning Media (Firm : N.Z.)
    • us: New Zealand. Alagāʻoa o le Atamai
    • us: New Zealand. ʻAre Turuturu ʻĀpiʻi
    • us: New Zealand. Faahi Lolomi Tohi
    • us: New Zealand. Fakahalalauaga tau Akoakoga
    • us: New Zealand. Lālā o le Matāgaluega o Tusitusiga Ta Aʻoaʻoga
    • us: New Zealand. Leo Fakaako
    • us: New Zealand. Mataeke o Lolomiga Tuhi
    • us: New Zealand. Nāunau ki he Akó
    • us: New Zealand. Pou Taki Kōrero, Te
    • us: New Zealand. Te Pou Taki Kōrero
    • us: New Zealand. Tuʼanga Tātā Puka ʻĀpiʻi
    • us: New Zealand. Vaʻa Paaki ʻa e Akó
    • us: Pou Taki Kōrero, Te (Firm : N.Z.)
    • us: Te Pou Taki Kōrero (Firm : N.Z.)
  • Additional Information

    • Earlier Established Forms

        New Zealand. Ministry of Education. Learning Media New Zealand. Department of Education. Audio Production Unit New Zealand. Department of Education. Visual Production Unit New Zealand. School Publications Branch
    • Sources

      • found: Cook Islands Maori dictionary, 1995 p. 67 (ʻĀpiʻi)
      • found: Maori in education, 1993: t.p. verso (Learning Media, Ministry of Education, Wellington, New Zealand)
      • found: Learning Media WWW Home page, Aug. 25, 2004 company profile (Learning Media, Te Pou Taki Kōrero; Learning Media Limited; a Crown-owned company)
      • found: Reforming education, 1998 p. 182 (The Education Amendment Act 1992; Learning Media (formerly School Publications Branch))
      • found: Ko e feituʻu malu, 1992 t.p. (Vaʻa Paaki ʻa e Akó)
      • found: Fāʻofua, 2001 t.p. (Nāunau ki he Akó)
      • found: ʻO loʻu paopao, 1990 t.p. (Lālā o le Matāgaluega o Tusitusiga Ta Aʻoaʻoga)
      • found: Tōtini uli o le pala, 2003 t.p. (Alagāʻoa o le Atamai)
      • found: Ko te kofu o ane, 1993 t.p. (Mataeke o Lolomiga Tuhi)
      • found: Aho fakapitoa o Gary, 2003 t.p. (Fakahalalauaga tau Akoakoga)
      • found: Aue! Aue!, 1992 t.p. (Tuʼanga Tātā Puka Āpiʻi)
      • found: Tōtini kerekere o te vai roto, 2003 t.p. (Te ʻAre Turuturu ʻĀpiʻi)
      • found: Ko e tapulu ha ane 1993 t.p. (Ko e Faahi Lolomi Tohi)
      • found: Vai pelapela Tōtini uli, 2003 t.p. (Leo Fakaako)
      • notfound: Resources Business Unit, 1989: leaf 1 (The Visual Production Unit, the Audio Production Unit and the School Publications Branch will be brought together as a single unit)
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      • 1995-07-26: new
      • 2013-03-11: revised
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