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us: New Zealand. Learning Media

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  • Variants

    • us: Learning Media (Firm : N.Z.)
    • us: New Zealand. Alagāʻoa o le Atamai
    • us: New Zealand. ʻAre Turuturu ʻĀpiʻi
    • us: New Zealand. Faahi Lolomi Tohi
    • us: New Zealand. Fakahalalauaga tau Akoakoga
    • us: New Zealand. Lālā o le Matāgaluega o Tusitusiga Ta Aʻoaʻoga
    • us: New Zealand. Leo Fakaako
    • us: New Zealand. Mataeke o Lolomiga Tuhi
    • us: New Zealand. Nāunau ki he Akó
    • us: New Zealand. Pou Taki Kōrero, Te
    • us: New Zealand. Te Pou Taki Kōrero
    • us: New Zealand. Tuʼanga Tātā Puka ʻĀpiʻi
    • us: New Zealand. Vaʻa Paaki ʻa e Akó
    • us: Pou Taki Kōrero, Te (Firm : N.Z.)
    • us: Te Pou Taki Kōrero (Firm : N.Z.)
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    • Earlier Established Forms

        New Zealand. Ministry of Education. Learning Media
    • Sources

      • found: Cook Islands Maori dictionary, 1995 p. 67 (ʻĀpiʻi)
      • found: Maori in education, 1993: t.p. verso (Learning Media, Ministry of Education, Wellington, New Zealand)
      • found: Learning Media WWW Home page, Aug. 25, 2004 company profile (Learning Media, Te Pou Taki Kōrero; Learning Media Limited; a Crown-owned company)
      • found: Reforming education, 1998 p. 182 (The Education Amendment Act 1992; Learning Media (formerly School Publications Branch))
      • found: Ko e feituʻu malu, 1992 t.p. (Vaʻa Paaki ʻa e Akó)
      • found: Fāʻofua, 2001 t.p. (Nāunau ki he Akó)
      • found: ʻO loʻu paopao, 1990 t.p. (Lālā o le Matāgaluega o Tusitusiga Ta Aʻoaʻoga)
      • found: Tōtini uli o le pala, 2003 t.p. (Alagāʻoa o le Atamai)
      • found: Ko te kofu o ane, 1993 t.p. (Mataeke o Lolomiga Tuhi)
      • found: Aho fakapitoa o Gary, 2003 t.p. (Fakahalalauaga tau Akoakoga)
      • found: Aue! Aue!, 1992 t.p. (Tuʼanga Tātā Puka Āpiʻi)
      • found: Tōtini kerekere o te vai roto, 2003 t.p. (Te ʻAre Turuturu ʻĀpiʻi)
      • found: Ko e tapulu ha ane 1993 t.p. (Ko e Faahi Lolomi Tohi)
      • found: Vai pelapela Tōtini uli, 2003 t.p. (Leo Fakaako)
      • notfound: Resources Business Unit, 1989: leaf 1 (The Visual Production Unit, the Audio Production Unit and the School Publications Branch will be brought together as a single unit)
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      • 1995-07-26: new
      • 2013-03-11: revised
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