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Index librorum prohibitorum

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  • Variants

    • Index of forbidden books
    • List of prohibited books
    • Roman index
    • Tridentine index
    • Catholic Church. Index librorum prohibitorum
    • Catholic Church. Congregatio Indicis. Index librorum prohibitorum
    • Catholic Church. Congregatio Sancti Officii. Index librorum prohibitorum
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  • Sources

    • found: LC data base, Sept. 19, 1996(hdg.: Index librorum prohibitorum)
    • found: Index librorum prohibitorum, SS.mi D.N. Pii PP. XII iussu editus, anno MDCCCCXLVIII, 1948.
    • found: New rev. Baltimore catechism ... c1952:glossary (Index of Forbidden Books: the catalogue prepared by the Holy Office in Rome, listing the books which Catholics are explicitly forbidden to read)
    • found: Oxford dict. of the Christian church, 1958(Index librorum prohibitorum (Lat., "List of prohibited books"), in short, just "The Index", the official list of books issued by the RC Church which its members are forbidden, except in special circumstances, to read or possess. The first Index was issued by the Congregation of the Inquisition under Paul IV in 1557. In 1571 Pius V est'd a special "Congregation of the Index" to be in charge of the list and revise it as needed; in 1917 its duties were transferred to the Holy Office. Besides the Index proper, the Holy Office also issues an "Index expurgatorius" of books which may be freely read after certain passages have been deleted)
    • found: New Cath. encyc.(Index of forbidden books: after several preliminary endeavors in the 1550's, including a draft of 1557 never published and a 1559 index known as the Index of Pope Paul IV which was the first general Roman index, the Tridentine index or Index of Pope Pius IV was promulgated in March 1564; various revised editions issued over the centuries until 1948; in 1966, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith declared there would be no further eds. of the Index; it remains only a historical document)
    • found: New internat. dict. of the Christian church, 1978(Index of forbidden books)
  • Editorial Notes

    • [This heading represents the editions of the Roman or Tridentine index, issued between 1559 and 1948 by the Congregation of the Index and later by the Congregation of the Holy Office. Other lists of prohibited books issued by various universities, political powers, etc., are entered under their own titles or other appropriate entry.]
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    • 1996-09-19: new
    • 1996-11-04: revised
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