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Lebna-Dengel, Negus of Ethiopia, active 1508-1540

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  • Variants

    • Dengel, Lebna-, active 1508-1540
    • Lebna-Dengel, Negus of Ethiopia, fl. 1508-1540
    • Lebena-Dengel, Negus of Ethiopia, active 1508-1540
    • Wanag Sagad, Negus of Ethiopia, active 1508-1540
    • Labna-Dangal, Negus of Ethiopia, active 1508-1540
    • Dāwit, Negus of Ethiopia, active 1508-1540
    • David, Negus of Ethiopia, active 1508-1540
    • Prester John, Negus of Ethiopia, active 1508-1540
    • John, Prester, Negus of Ethiopia, active 1508-1540
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 1496
    • Death Date

        (edtf) 1540-09-02
    • Associated Locale

        (naf) Ethiopia
    • Death Place

        Debre Damo (Ethiopia)
    • Gender

    • Occupation

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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Lebna-Dengel, Negus of Ethiopia, fl. 1508-1540
  • Sources

    • found: Die Geschichte des Lebna-Dengel, Claudius und Minas, 1988:p. xiv (Lebna Dengel [elsewhere usually with hyphen]; [reigned] 1508-1540 A.D.) p. vi (Lebna Dengel re d'Etiopia)
    • found: RLIN, 11 Aug. 1997(hdg.: Lebna Dengel, fl. 1508-1540)
    • found: Dictionary of African Biography, accessed January 14, 2015, via Oxford African American Studies Center database:(Lebna, Dengel; Weneg Seged; King; born in 1496 in Ethiopia; Emperor of Ethiopia in the early sixteenth century during the Muslim conquest (1508-1540); defining event during reign known as conquest of Ethiopia by the Muslim ruler Ahmad b. Ibrahim al-Ghazi, or Ahmad Gragn; victorious over the troops of Adal led by Mahfuz b. Muhammad (1516-1517); this victory destabilized traditional order in Adal and paved the way for the rise of radical Muslim leader, Ahmad Gragn; known for rejecting Portugese offer of alliance (1514); died in 1540 in Debra Damo, Ethiopia)
    • found: Pedro Páez's History of Ethiopia, 2011:volume 2, page 420 [index] (Lebenâ Denguîl (David, Dāwit II, Lebena Denguîl, Lebna Dengel, Onâg Çaguêd, Wanāg Sagad neguś) volume 1, page 46 [Introduction] (Lebna Dengel) volume 1, page 74 (Lebena Denguîl took the name David when he became emperor; later he called himself Onâg Çaguêd)
    • found: Encyclopaedia Aethiopica, 2003-(Lebnä Dengel [e (instead of ä) used for schwa here]; Lebna (or, Lebena) Dengel [from Amharic script]; regnal names: Dawit and Wänag Sägäd; born 1496 or 1497; died 2 September 1540; ruler from 1508) volume 5, page 806 (Dawit IV, s. Lebnä Dengel)
    • found: Historical dictionary of Ethiopia, 2013(Lebna Dengel (1496-1540); emperor of Ethiopia (1508-1540); also known as Dawit III and Wanag Saggad)
    • found: Wikipedia, 17 May 2017(Dawit II (dāwīt), also known as Wanag Segad (wanag sagad), better known by his birth name Lebna Dengel; 1501-September 2, 1540); ruler of the Ethiopian Empire, 1508-1540, under regent until 1516)
    • found: Alvares, Francisco. Verdadeira informação das terras do preste João das Indias, 1889:page 68 (cap lix: Rey Dauid Preste Joã; nephew of Elrey Alexandre) page 69 (Preste Joam) page 70 (Rey Dauid Preste)
    • found: Alvares, Francisco. Narrative of the Portuguese embassy to Abyssinia during the years 1520-1527, 1881:page 143 (cap lix: King David Prester John; nephew of King Alexander) page 148 (King David Prester) page 14 of index (Prester John (i.e., the King of Abyssinia))
    • found: Alvares, Francisco. Prester John of the Indies, 1961page 240 (chapter lx: King David Prester John; note by editors: Lebna Dengel (1508-40), also called Dāwit (David)) page 242 (Lebna Dengel - Sable Wangël) index (Lebna Dengel, King of Ethiopia)
    • found: Alvares, Francisco. BaʼAṡé Lebna Dengel zamana mangeśt, 2015:page 174 (neguśa nagaśt Dāwit; nephew of neguśa nagaśt ʼEskender)
    • notfound: Encyc. Brit., c1992.
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