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us: Raptis, Michel, 1911-1996

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  • Variants

    • us: Ραπτης, Μιχαλης, 1911-1996
    • us: Ραπτις, Μιχελ, 1911-1996
    • us: Raptēs, M. N. (Michalēs N.), 1911-1996
    • us: Raptēs, Michalēs N., 1911-1996
    • us: Raptēs-Pablo, Michalēs N., 1911-1996
    • us: Raptis, Mihalis, 1911-1996
  • Related Terms

    • us: Pablo, Michel
  • Sources

    • found: LC database, May 11, 1998 (hdg.: Pablo, Michel; usage: Michel Pablo, Michel Raptis)
    • found: His Ektos synorōn, 1991- : t.p. (Michalē N. Raptē-Pablo ["Pablo" appears in Roman script]) flap, etc. (b. 8-24-1911; Michalēs N. Raptēs; M.N. Raptēs; during his Communist party activities, he took the name of Michel Pablo)
    • found: OCLC, Aug. 29, 2013 (hdgs.: Raptis, Michel, 1911-; Ραπτις, Μιχελ, 1911-; Raptis, Michel, 1911-1996; Raptis, Mihalis; usage: Michel Raptis; Michali̲s Rapti̲s; Μιχαλης Ραπτης; Michalēs Raptēs; Mihalis Raptis; Michel Pablo)
    • found: A.N.A. bulletin, Mihalis Raptis, 'Pablo', dies at the age of 85, Feb. 19, 1996, viewed online Aug. 29, 2013 (Mihalis Raptis, prominent figure of the Trotskyist movement, best known as "Pablo"; d. Sat. [Feb. 17, 1996]; b. in Alexandria, Egypt; graduated from Athens Polytechnic, studied urban planning at the Sorbonne, Paris; represented Greek Trotskyists at the founding conference of the Fourth International, Paris, 1938; became org. sec. of its European Bureau in 1943; expelled from the Fourth International in 1963)
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