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us: Eickemeyer, Rudolf, 1753-1825

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    • Heinrich Maria Johann Rudolf
  • Variants

    • us: Eickemeyer, R. (Rudolf), 1753-1825
    • us: Eickemeyer, Rud. (Rudolf), 1753-1825
    • us: Eickemeyer, Rodolphe, 1753-1825
    • us: Eickemeyer, Rudolph, 1753-1825
    • us: Eickemeyer, Heinrich Maria Johann Rudolf, 1753-1825
    • us: Eickemeyer, Jean Marie Rodolphe, 1753-1825
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      Eickemeyer, Rudolf Heinrich, 1753-1825
  • Sources

    • found: Uiber die Erbauung der Dörfer, 1787: t.p. (Rudolf Eickemeyer)
    • found: Deutsches biog. Archiv via World biog. info. system online, 12 Jan. 2010 (Eickemeyer, Rudolf Heinrich; b. 11 Mar. 1753 in Mainz; d. 9 Sept. 1825 in Algesheim [Gau-Algesheim, Germany]; engineer, military officer)
    • found: World Biographical Information System online, Apr. 8, 2015: doc. no. D768-865-2 (Eickemeyer, Johann Heinrich Rudolf, 1753-1825; professor of mathematics, brigadier general; source: Schüttler, Hermann: Die Mitglieder des Illuminatenordens 1776-1787/93) doc. no. D381-718-5 (Eickemeyer, Rudolf Heinrich; variants: Eickemeier, Eickenmeier, Eikemayer; 1753-1825; engineer, general; sources include Allgemeine deutsche Biographie)
    • found: Uiber den Nutzen des mathematischen Studiums, 1784, via BSB/MDZ, Apr. 3, 2015: title page (von Rudolph Eickemeyer, K.M. Ingenieur Hauptmann und öffentlichen Lehrer der angewandten Mathematick)
    • found: Uiber die Einschliessung der Landstädte, 1792, via BSB/MDZ, Apr. 3, 2015: title page (von Rudolf Eickemeyer, kurmainzischem Ingenieur Major, auch der Philosophie und Mathematik ordentlicher öffentlicher Lehrer)
    • found: Leser, Emanuel, "Eickemeyer, Rudolf," in: Allgemeine deutsche Biographie 5 (1877), pages 743-746, via Deutsche Biographie Web site, Apr. 3, 2015 (Eickemeyer: Rudolf E[ickemeyer], engineer and during the Wars of the French Revolution a French officer; born Mar. 11, 1753, in Mainz, died Sept. 9, 1825, in Gaualgesheim; artillery officer in Electorate of Mainz army, 1770, eventually reaching rank of lieutenant colonel; professor of mathematics, University of Mainz; after the surrender of Mainz to the French on Oct. 20, 1792, entered French service as a colonel and was soon promoted to brigadier general; dismissed from service in 1802 and returned to his home province, to Gaualgesheim near Bingen, where he devoted his time to writing; 1811, assumed office as mayor in his home city; after the absorption of territories on the left bank of the Rhine, formerly part of the Electorate of Mainz, into the Grand Duchy of Hesse, he served in administrative posts in the government and was elected to the Ständekammer in 1820, but soon resigned for health reasons) {}
    • found: Wikipedia, Apr. 3, 2015 (Rudolf Eickemeyer; Jean Marie Rodolphe Eickemeyer, also called Heinrich Maria Johann Rudolf Eickemeyer; engineer, mathematician, and general of the French Revolutionary Wars)
    • found: German Wikipedia, Apr. 3, 2015 (Rudolf Eickemeyer; Heinrich Maria Johann Rudolf Eickemeyer (born 11 Mar. 1753 in Mainz, died 9 Sept. 1825 in Gau-Algesheim); professor at the University of Mainz; from 1779, officer in the service of the elector Friedrich Karl Joseph von Erthal; after the capitulation of Mainz, joined the army of the French Republic, which he left with the rank of a colonel general; maire, then Bürgermeister of Gau-Algesheim; Provinzialrat of the province Rheinhessen and later deputy in the Hessian Chamber of Deputies in the Grand Duchy of Hesse)
    • found: OCLC WorldCat, Apr. 3, 2015 (access points: Eickemeyer, Johann Rudolf; Eickemeyer, Rudolf; Eickemeyer, Rudolf, 1753-1825; Eickemeyer, Rudolf E.; Eickemeyer, Rudolf Heinrich; Eickemeyer, Rudolf Heinrich, 1753-1825; Eickemeyer, Rudolf, of Mainz; usage: des Professors Eickemeyer; des Generals Eickemeyer; R. Eickemeyer; Rudolf Eickemeyer; Rudolf Eickemeyer, Kurmainzischen Ingenieur Major, der Philos. und Math. ord. öffentl. Lehrer auf der Universität zu Mainz; Rudolf Eickemeyer, ehemals Kurfürstlich-Mainzischem Ingenieur-Obrist-Lieutnant, dermalen französischem Brigade-General; Rud. Eickemeyer; Rodolphe Eickemeyer; Rudolph Eickemeyer K.M. Ingenieur Hauptmann und öffentlichen Lehrer der angewandten Mathematick)
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