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Theodor, Prince-Bishop of Liège, Cardinal, 1703-1763

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    • Johann Theodor, von Bayern, Prince-Bishop of Liège, Cardinal, 1703-1763
    • Ioannes Theodorus, Bishop of Freising, 1703-1763
    • Johann Theodor, Bishop of Regensburg, 1703-1763
    • Johannes Theodor, Bishop of Freising, 1703-1763
    • Johannes Theodorus, Bishop of Regensburg, 1703-1763
    • John Theodore, of Bavaria, Prince-Bishop of Liège, Cardinal, 1703-1763
    • Theodor, Bishop of Regensburg, Freising and Lüttich, Cardinal, 1703-1763
    • Theodor, von Bayern, Prince-Bishop of Liège, Cardinal, 1703-1763
    • Theodor, von Freising, Prince-Bishop of Liège, Cardinal, 1703-1763
    • Theodor, von Lüttich, Prince-Bishop of Liège, Cardinal, 1703-1763
    • Theodor von Regensburg, Prince-Bishop of Liège, Cardinal, 1703-1763
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  • Sources

    • found: Rottmanner, Max. Der Cardinal von Baiern, 1877:pages 20-21 (Theodor; bishop and cardinal; born Sept. 3, 1703 in Munich; early years spent in Munich; 1711 sent with his older brothers to Graz; in his 16th year he was appointed bishop of Regensburg, Jul. 29, 1719, receiving confirmation of his episcopacy in 1721; 1723 elected bishop coadjutor by the cathedral chapter of Freising; ordained to the diaconate Mar. 25, 1730, to the priesthood Apr. 8th, and consecrated bishop Oct. 1, 1730; not having shown any inclination to matters spiritual, Theodor did not deem it necessary to renounce the tendencies which had previously motivated him; comely of countenance and lively of temperament, he was magnamimous and affable, given more to the pleasures of the body than might be seemly for a prelate, certainly he preferred residence in Munich rather than the seats of his 2 dioceses) page 46 (died in Lüttich [Liège, Belgium] of a fever, Jan. 27, 1763, not yet 60 years old)
    • found: Deutsche Nationalbibliothek online, Nov. 30, 2013(access point: Johann Theodor <Freising, Bischof> ; other access points: Johann Theodor <Bischof von Freising>; Johann Theodor <Bayern, Herzog>; Johannes Theodor <Freising, Bischof>; Ioannes Theodorus <Episcopus Frisingensis>; Johann Theodor <Regensburg, Bischof>; Johannes Theodorus <Episcopus Ratisbonensis>; bishop of Freising, 1727-1763)
    • found: German Wikipedia, Nov. 30, 2013:"Johann Theodor von Bayern" (Johann Theodor von Bayern; born Sept. 3, 1703 in Munich; died Jan. 27, 1763 in Lüttich; cardinal, and bishop of Regensburg from 1719 and of Freising from 1727, and prince-bishop of Lüttich from 1744; last Wittelsbach prince-bishop, as there were insufficent children in subsequent generations to take over the ecclesiatical positions; parents: Maximilian II. Emanuel and Therese Kunigunde of Poland; originally intended to be part of the secular nobility, the death of his older brother Philipp Moritz Mar. 12, 1719 changed the situation, and his brother Clemens August I took over the ecclesiastical offices in the north-west of the Holy Roman Empire, while Johann Theodor succeeded to the bischoprics of Regensburg and Freising; Sept. 9, 1743 made cardinal in pectore by pope Benedict XIV and given the titular church of San Lorenzo in Lucina; from 1744 also bishop of Lüttich; denied appointment as archbishop of Cologne by pope Clement XIII Mar. 11, 1761 on account of Johann Theodor's scandalous life-style)
    • found: Wikipedia, Nov. 30, 2013:"John Theodore of Bavaria" (John Theodore of Bavaria; Sept. 3, 1703 - Jan. 27, 1763; a son of elector Maximilian II Emanuel of Bavaria and Teresta Kunegunda Sobieska, and a grandson of King John III Sobieski of Poland; educated at the universities of Ingolstadt and Siena; elected bishop of Regensburg Jul. 29, 1721 at age 17, and of Freising, Nov. 23, 1723, though not ordained and consecrated until 1730; created cardinal-priest of San Lorenzo in Panisperna, Sept. 7, 1743 by pope Benedict XIV; he was the last Wittelsbach to occupy the bishopric of Liège; pope Clement XIII rejected John Theodore's succession of his brother Clemens August as archbishop and prince-elector of Cologne because of doubt concerning his moral conduct; known as a great hunter, patron of music and theatre, and holding a splendid court at Liège, he was said to have had affairs with several women despite his clerical status, though was well liked by the inhabitants of the bishopric; died Jan. 27, 1763 in Liège, Belgium and buried in Saint-Lambert Cathedral while his heart was buried in Grace Chapel, Altötting)
    • found: ADB/NDB online, Nov. 30, 2013(Theodor; other access points: Theodor von Regensburg; Theodor von Freising; Theodor von Lüttich; Johann Theodor; Johann Theodor von Bayern; dates: 1703-1763; bishop of Regensburg, Freising and Lüttich, Cardinal; confession: Catholic)
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