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Thor (Norse deity)

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  • Variants

    • Þórr (Norse deity)
    • Donar (Norse deity)
    • Þunor (Norse deity)
    • ثور (Norse deity)
    • Thawr (Norse deity)
    • Tor (Norse deity)
    • Тор (Norse deity)
    • Θωρ (Norse deity)
    • Toro (Norse deity)
    • S̲awr (Norse deity)
    • Tórur (Norse deity)
    • Tonger (Norse deity)
    • 토르 (Norse deity)
    • T'orŭ (Norse deity)
    • תור (Norse deity)
    • Thorus (Norse deity)
    • Tors (Norse deity)
    • Toras (Norse deity)
    • トール (Norse deity)
    • Thuner (Norse deity)
    • 索尔 (Norse deity)
    • Suoer (Norse deity)
    • Đunor (Norse deity)
    • Þunraz (Norse deity)
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        Norse deity
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  • Sources

    • found: Coville, Bruce. Thor's wedding day, c2005.
    • found: Wikipedia, July 21, 2014(In Norse mythology, Thor (from Old Norse Þórr) is a hammer-wielding god associated with thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees, strength, the protection of mankind, and also hallowing, healing and fertility) Alemannisch page (Donar) Old English name (Þunor) Arabic page (ثور = Thawr) Azerbaijani page (Tor [in roman]) Belarusian page (Тор = Tor) Greek page (Θωρ = Thōr) Esperanto page (Toro) Persian page (ثور = S̲awr) Faroese page (Tórur) Western Frisian page (Tonger) Korean page (토르 = T'orŭ) Icelandic page (Þór) Hebrew page (תור = Tor) Latin page (Thorus) Latvian page (Tors) Lithuanian page (Toras) Japanese page (トール = Tōru) Seeltersk page (Thuner) Chinese page (索尔 = Suoer)
    • found: Norse mythology for smart people website, July 21, 2014(Thor (Old Norse Þórr, Old English Đunor, Old High German Donar, Proto-Germanic Þunraz, "Thunder"); major god of all branches of the Germanic peoples before their conversion to Christianity, although he reached the height of his popularity among the Scandinavians of the late Viking Age) -
    • found: Encyclopedia mythica, via WWW, July 21, 2014(Thor is the Norse god of thunder. He is a son of Odin and Jord, and one of the most powerful gods. He is married to Sif, a fertility goddess. His mistress is the giantess Jarnsaxa ("iron cutlass"), and their sons are Magni and Modi and his daughter is Thrud. Thor is helped by Thialfi, his servant and the messenger of the gods.)
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