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Green Knight (Arthurian legendary character)

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  • Variants

    • Grene Knyg̳t (Legendary character)
    • Grene Gome (Legendary character)
    • Grene Knight (Legendary character)
    • Green Man (Arthurian legendary character)
    • Greene Knight (Legendary character)
    • Knyg̳t of þe Grene Chapel (Legendary character)
    • Knight of the Green Chapel (Legendary character)
    • Bertilak, de Hautdesert (Legendary character)
    • Bercilak, de Hautdesert (Legendary character)
    • Berkilak, de Hautdesert (Legendary character)
    • Bredbeddle (Legendary character)
    • Bernlak, de Hautdesert (Legendary character)
    • Bertilak (Legendary character)
    • Bertilak, of Hautdesert (Legendary character)
    • فارس الاخضر (Arthurian legendary character)
    • Fāris al-Akhḍar (Arthurian legendary character)
    • Grønne Ridder (Arthurian legendary character)
    • Chevalier vert (Arthurian legendary character)
    • Cabaleiro Verde (Arthurian legendary character)
    • 绿骑士 (Arthurian legendary character)
    • Luqishi (Arthurian legendary character)
  • Additional Information

    • Descriptor

        Arthurian legendary character
    • Descriptor

        Legendary character
    • Gender

    • Occupation

        (lctgm) Knights
          (aat) Knights (landholders)
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      • Sources

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        • found: Wikipedia, October 1, 2014:Green Knight (The Green Knight is a character in the 14th-century Arthurian poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and the related work The Greene Knight. His true name is revealed to be Bercilak (or Berkilak) de Hautdesert in Sir Gawain, while The Greene Knight names him "Bredbeddle". The Green Knight later appears as one of Arthur's greatest champions in the fragmentary ballad "King Arthur and King Cornwall", again under the name "Bredbeddle"; An alternate spelling in some translations is "Bertilak" or "Bernlak") The Green Knight (fairy tale) (The Green Knight is a Danish fairy tale; the Green Knight, a handsome young man) Gawain (opera) (Gawain is an opera with music by Harrison Birtwistle to a libretto by David Harsent. The story is based on the Middle English romance Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; roles: The Green Knight/Bertilak de Hautdesert)
        • found: Wikipedia, October 1, 2014:Arabic version (الفارس الأخضر = al-Fāris al-Akhḍar) Danish version (Den Grønne Ridder) French version (Chevalier vert; le Chevalier vert) Galician version (Cabaleiro Verde) Chinese version (绿骑士 = Luqishi)
        • found: SparkNotes website, October 1, 2014:Literature study guides > Sir Gawain and the Green Knight > Character list (Green Knight - A mysterious visitor to Camelot. The Green Knight's huge stature, wild appearance, and green complexion set him apart from the beardless knights and beautiful ladies of Arthur's Camelot. The Green Knight shows himself to be a supernatural being when he picks up his own severed head and rides out of Arthur's court, still speaking. At the poem's end, we discover that the Green Knight is also Bertilak, Gawain's host, and one of Morgan le Faye's minions; Bertilak of Hautdesert - The sturdy, good-natured lord of the castle where Gawain spends Christmas. We only learn Bertilak's name at the end of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The poem associates Bertilak with the natural world--his beard resembles a beaver, his face a fire--but also with the courtly behavior of an aristocratic host. Boisterous, powerful, brave, and generous, Lord Bertilak provides an interesting foil to King Arthur. At the end of the poem we learn that Bertilak and the Green Knight are the same person, magically enchanted by Morgan le Faye for her own designs) -
        • found: King Arthur & the knights of the round table website, October 1, 2014:Arthurian characters > Other characters > The Green Knight (The Green Knight was a character featured in the classic poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (fourteenth century) and its derivative The Green Knight (c. 1500). This knight came into Arthur's hall and asked any one of his knights to trade blows. ... The Green Knight turned out to be the lord with whom he had been staying ... The Green Knight was called Bertilak and he lived at Castle Hutton) -
        • found: IMDb, October 1, 2014(Green Knight (Character); alternate name: The Green Knight; filmography: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (2002) (TV); Gawain and the Green Knight (1991) (TV); Gawain (1991) (TV); Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (1984); Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975); Gawain and the Green Knight (1973); Knights of the Round Table (1953)) -
        • notfound: The Green Knight : a Cinderella story from Denmark, via WWW (, October 1, 2014;Tales similar to Cinderella website (, October 1, 2014 (The Green Knight)
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