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Verbeke, Herbert

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    • Verbecke, Herbert
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    • Germar, Rudolf
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    • found: Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung, Juni 1997:masthead (Herbert Verbeke, Stiftung Vrij Historisch Onderzoek) title page (Belgien (Flandern))
    • found: OCLC database, June 5, 2015(publications attributed to Herbert Verbeke are in German and French)
    • found: Germar Rudolf's application for asylum in the U.S., signed Oct. 17, 2000 ( B Form (Aliases used as assumed identities: Michael Martin (1997-2000), Peter Webber (2000), Joseph Bellinger (2000); Aliases used as an author: Jörg Berger, Michael Gärtner (with others), Ernst Gauss, Rudolf Jettinger, Natalie Kleine (with others), Manfred Köhler, Christian Konrad, Werner Kretschmer, Anton Mägerle, Rudoph Markert, Wolfgang Pfitzner, Ronald Reeves, Bernd Reichert, Lennard Rose, Angela Schneider, Rainer Scholz, Jakob Sprenger, Gerd Steiger, Herbert Verbeke (with others), Siegfried Verbeke (with others), Frank Weidenfeld (with others), Hans Karl Westphal, Rudi Zornig)
  • Editorial Notes

    • [Herbert Verbeke is a pseudonym used by Germar Rudolf, among others. According to a "confidential report" typed and inserted into an issue of Vierteljahreshefte für freie Geschichtsforshung, Verbeke is one person, full name Siegfried Maria Theodoor Corneel Verbeke, also known as Herbert Verbecke. But according to staff at the JHate blog (a blog about anti-Semitism), Siegfried and Herbert Verbeke are both real people and are brothers. Although Siegfried keeps a higher public profile, he and Herbert both founded the Belgian Holocaust denial publishing company Vrij Historisch Onderzook (VHO). Both Herbert and Siegfried have tangled with the law in Belgium over the years for their denial of the Holocaust. Herbert in particular is known for his affiliation with the radical right-wing organization Vlaamse Militanten Organisatie, which has a neo-Nazi or neo-fascist orientation. In the late 1990s, Siegfried and Herbert transferred control of their VHO publishing operation to Germar Rudolf. Rudolf was the driving force in integrating VHO with his own Castle Hill Publishing company and eventually merging the online presence of VHO and Bradley Smith's CODOH operation into a powerful Holocaust denial website.]
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