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Hello Kitty (Fictitious character)

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  • Variants

    • us: Kitty White (Fictitious character)
    • us: White, Kitty (Fictitious character)
    • us: ハロー・キティ (Fictitious character)
    • us: Harō Kiti (Fictitious character)
    • us: キティ・ホワイト (Fictitious character)
    • us: ホワイト, キティ (Fictitious character)
    • us: Kiti Howaito (Fictitious character)
    • us: Howaito, Kiti (Fictitious character)
    • us: Хелоу Кити (Fictitious character)
    • us: Khelou Kiti (Fictitious character)
    • us: 헬로키티 (Fictitious character)
    • us: Hellok'it'i (Fictitious character)
    • us: Hello K'it'i (Fictitious character)
    • us: הלו קיטי (Fictitious character)
    • us: Helo Ḳiṭi (Fictitious character)
    • us: Хело Кити (Fictitious character)
    • us: 凱蒂貓 (Fictitious character)
    • us: Kaidi Mao (Fictitious character)
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  • Sources

    • found: Hello Kitty, 2001: CIP data (character created in Japan in 1974 by Sanrio designer Ikuko Shimuzu)
    • found: Hello Kitty official home page, December 7, 2015: home page (Hello Kitty) {}
    • found: Sanrio website, December 7, 2015: characters > Hello Kitty (Hello Kitty lives in the suburbs of London with her parents and twin sister Mimmy) {}
    • found: Wikipedia, December 7, 2015 (Hello Kitty (Japanese: ハロー・キティ = Harō Kiti) (full name Kitty White (キティ・ホワイト = Kiti Howaito) is a fictional character produced by the Japanese company Sanrio, created by Yuko Shimizu and currently designed by Yuko Yamaguchi. She is depicted as an anthropomorphic white Japanese bobtail cat with a red bow; species: gijinka (anthropomorphization of human and Japanese Bobtail cat); gender: female; nationality: British; initially known only as "the white kitten with no name" (名前のない白い子猫), the official character profiles for Hello Kitty now lists her full name as Kitty White (キティ・ホワイト = Kiti Howaito), born in the suburbs of London, England, on November 1; Hello Kitty is portrayed with a large family with the surname White)
    • found: Wikipedia, December 7, 2015: Bulgarian page (Хелоу Кити = Khelou Kiti) Korean page (헬로키티 = Hellok'it'i) Hebrew page (הלו קיטי = Helo ѴKiѴti) Serbian page (Хело Кити = Helo Kiti) Chinese page (凱蒂貓 = Kaidi Mao)
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