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Merlin (Legendary character)

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  • Variants

    • Marzhin (Legendary character)
    • Meardon (Legendary character)
    • Merlí (Legendary character)
    • Merlijn (Legendary character)
    • Merlijn Ambrosius (Legendary character)
    • Merlim (Legendary character)
    • Merlin Ambrosius (Legendary character)
    • Merlino (Legendary character)
    • Merlino Ambrosio (Legendary character)
    • Merlin Caledonensis (Legendary character)
    • Merlin l'Enchanteur (Legendary character)
    • Merlins (Legendary character)
    • Merlinus (Legendary character)
    • Merlyn (Legendary character)
    • Merzhin (Legendary character)
    • Myrddin (Legendary character)
    • Myrddin Emrys (Legendary character)
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  • Sources

    • found: Lawrence, A. Merlin, the wizard, 1986
    • found: DNB(Merlin Ambrosius, or Myrddin Emrys, legendary enchanter and bard. "In the legend of Merlin Ambrosius as it has come down to us there are certainly no historical incidents ...")
    • found: Britannica Micro.(Merlin: an enchanter and wise man in Arthurian legend and romance of the Middle Ages, linked with personages in ancient Celtic mythology)
    • found: Acad. Am. Encyc.(Merlin: IN Arthurian legend, Merlin was a sorcerer and counselor of Uther Pendragon and his son Arthur. Merlin represents an amalgamation of a Celtic sky deity and a Welsh or British bard who lived about AD 500)
    • found: Wikipedia, June 30, 2017:English Merlin page (Merlin; Welsh form: Myrddin; Latin form: Merlinus; a legendar figure best known as the wizard featured in Arthurian legend and medieval Welish poetry; the standard depiction of the character first appears in geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regium Britanniae, written c. 1136 and is based on an amalgamation of previous historical and legendary figures. Geoffrey combined existing stories of Myrddin Wyllt, a North Brythonic prophet and madman with no connection to King Arthur, with tales of the Romano-British war leader Ambrosius Aurelianus to form the composite figure he called Merlin ambrosius (Welsh: Myrddin emrys). He is allegedly buried in the Broceliande foreset, near Paimpont in Brittany) Breton Merzhin page (Merzhin; Merzhin; Merlin; Latin: Merlinus) Catalan Merlí page (Merlí) Czech Merlin page (Merlin Ambrosius; Myrddin Emrys; Myrddin Wyllt; Merlin Caledonensis; Merlinus; Merlyn; magician, druid, and prophet in the legends about King Arthur) Dutch Merlijn page (Merlijn; Merlijn Ambrosius) Finnish Merlin page (Merlin; Meardon) French Merlin page (Merlin; Merlin l'Enchanteur) Italian Mago Merlino page (Merlino; Merlino Ambrosio) Latvian Merlins page (Merlins) Portuguese Merlim page (Merlim; Merlin; magus, prophet, and counsellor of King Arthur)
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