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Vulcan (Roman deity)

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  • Variants

    • Volcanus (Roman deity)
    • Vulcain (Roman deity)
    • Volkanus (Roman deity)
    • Vulcanus (Roman deity)
    • Vulkan (Roman deity)
    • Вулкан (Roman deity)
    • Vulcà (Roman deity)
    • Fwlcan (Roman deity)
    • Βουλκτ̔̈«”αϐ·νους (Roman deity)
    • Voulkanous (Roman deity)
    • Vulcano (Roman deity)
    • Vulkano (Roman deity)
    • Bolcán (Roman deity)
    • Vulkanus (Roman deity)
    • Vulkāns (Roman deity)
    • Vulkanas (Roman deity)
    • Wulkan (Roman deity)
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  • Sources

    • found: Capdeville, Gérard. Volcanus : recherches comparatistes sur les origines du culte de Vulcain, 1995.
    • found: Brommer, Frank. Hephaistos, 1978.
    • found: Encyclopædia Britannica online, May 17, 2018(Vulcan, Roman god; Vulcan, in Roman religion, god of fire, particularly in its destructive aspects as volcanoes or conflagrations. Poetically, he is given all the attributes of the Greek Hephaestus)
    • found: The Oxford classical dictionary, 1996(Vulcan see Volcanus; Volcanus (Volkanus, Vulcanus), an ancient Roman god of destructive, devouring fire, in both the human environment and in nature; in classical times he is fully identified with Hephaestus)
    • found: Wikipedia, May 17, 2018(Vulcan (Latin: Volcānus or Vulcānus) is the god of fire including the fire of volcanoes, metalworking, and the forge in ancient Roman religion and myth; his Greek counterpart is Hephaestus, the god of fire and smithery. In Etruscan religion, he is identified with Sethlans) Afrikaans page (Vulcanus) Azerbaijani page (Vulkan [in roman]) Bashkir page (Вулкан = Vulkan) Belarusian page (Вулкан = Vulkan) Catalan page (VulcЂa) Welsh page (Fwlcan) Greek page (Βουλκτ̔̈«”αϐ·νους = Voulkanous) Spanish page (Vulcano) Esperanto page (Vulkano) French page (Vulcain) Irish page (BolcЃan) Indonesian page (Vulkanus) Latvian page (VulkЅans) Lithuanian page (Vulkanas) Polish page (Wulkan) Finnish page (Vulkanus)
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