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Inachus (Greek deity)

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  • Variants

    • Inachos (Greek deity)
    • Inakhos (Greek deity)
    • Ίναχος (Greek deity)
    • Інах (Greek deity)
    • Inakh (Greek deity)
    • Инах (Greek deity)
    • Ínac (Greek deity)
    • Ínaco (Greek deity)
    • Inaĥo (Greek deity)
    • Inako (Greek deity)
    • Inachas (Greek deity)
    • イーナコス (Greek deity)
    • Īnakosu (Greek deity)
    • Inah (Greek deity)
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    • WikidataInachus Offsite linkLabel from public data source Wikidata
  • Sources

    • found: Sutton, Dana Ferrin. Sophocles' Inachus, 1979.
    • found: Wikipedia, August 17, 2018:Inachus (In Greek mythology, Inăchus, Inachos or Inakhos (Ancient Greek: Ίναχος = Inachos) was the first king of Argos; for modern scholars, Inachus is the most ancient god or hero of Argos; most modern mythologists understand Inachus as one of the river gods, all sons of Titans Oceanus and Tethys) Belarusian page (Інах = Inakh) Bulgarian page (Инах = Inakh) Breton page (Inac'hos) Catalan page (ЃInac) Welsh page (Inachus) German page (Inachos) Estonian page (Inachos) Spanish page (ЃInaco) Esperanto page (InaЄho) Basque page (Inako) French page (Inachos or Inachus) Italian page (Inaco) Lithuanian page (Inachas) Dutch page (Inachus) Japanese page (イーナコス = ЅInakosu) Russian page (Инах = Inakh) Serbian page (Инах = Inah) Finnish page (Inakhos) Ukrainian page (Інах = Inakh)
    • found: Theoi Project website, August 17, 2018(Inakhos; Greek name: Ιναχος = Inachos; Latin spelling: Inachus. River-God of Argolis in the Peloponnesos, southern Greece. When the gods Poseidon and Hera contested for dominion over Argos, Inakhos was appointed arbiter and decided in Hera's favour. In retalation Poseidon dried up his stream) -
    • found:, August 17, 2018(Inachus was the first king of the city of Argos in Greek mythology. His name was also given to the river Inachus nearby. He was the eldest king of Argos, and according to the myth, he was one of the three judges in a dispute between the gods Poseidon and Hera, alongside Cephissus and Asterion. When they decided that Hera was right, Poseidon was enraged and removed all the water from the river. It was also believed that he was the god of the aforementioned river, thus making him a son of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys) -
    • found: The Oxford classical dictionary, 1996(Inachus, an Argive river and river-god, father of Io; he is often represented as a mortal, ancestor of the Argive kings, and therefore the earliest figure in Greek legend)
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