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us: Safonov, Vasiliĭ Ilʹich, 1852-1918

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  • Variants

    • us: Safonov, V. K. (Vasiliĭ Ilʹich), 1852-1918
    • us: Safonov, Vasily Il'ich, 1852-1918
    • us: Safonoff, W., 1852-1918
    • us: Safonoff, Wassili, 1852-1918
    • us: Safinow, Wassily Iljitsch, 1852-1918
    • us: Safonow, W., 1852-1918.
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 1852-01-25
    • Death Date

        (edtf) 1918-02-27
    • Birth Place

        Terskai͡a oblastʹ, Russia
    • Death Place

        Kislovodsk, Russia
    • Gender

    • Field of Activity

        (lcsh) Performing arts
          (lcsh) Conducting
            (lcsh) Teaching
          • Occupation

              (lcsh) Pianists
                (lcsh) Conductors (Music)
                  (lcsh) Piano teachers
              • Sources

                • found: Davidov, K.I. Quintett für Pianoforte, zwei Violinen, Viola und Violoncell, op. 40, 1884: t.p. (W. Safonoff)
                • found: Muz. ėnt͡s. (Safonov, Vasiliĭ Ilʹich, b. 25 I (6 II) 1852, Stanit͡sa It͡si͡urskai͡a Terskoĭ obl; d. 2/27/18, Kislovodsk)
                • found: New Grove (Safonov, Vasily Il'ich)
                • found: His New formula for the piano teacher and piano student, c1916: t.p. (Wassili Safonoff)
                • found: Kehler, G. The piano in concert, 1982 (Safonov, Vassily; b. Feb. 6, 1852, Ishtcherskaya (Izjursk), Caucasus; d. Mar. 13, 1918, Kislovodsk; Russian pianist, conductor, teacher)
                • found: Tchaikovsky, P.I. The 4 piano concertos [SR] p1998: notes (Wassily Iljitsch Safinow; W. Safonow)
                • found: Stranstvui͡ushchiĭ maėstro, 2012: t.p. (perepiska V. I. Safonova 1905-1907 godov) p.5-10 (Vasiliĭ Ilʹich Safonov 1852-1918). Born in Northern Causasus, studied music in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia. In 1885-1889 became lecturer and director of the Moscow conservatory of music. In 1906-1910 lived and work in New York and London. Returned to Russia in 1917. Died in Kislovodsk.
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