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us: Divitis, Antonius, approximately 1475-

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  • Variants

    • us: De Rijcke, Antonius, approximately 1475-
    • us: De Ryche, Antonius, approximately 1475-
    • us: Divitis, A. (Antonius), approximately 1475-
    • us: Divitis, Anthonius, approximately 1475-
    • us: Divitis, Antoine, approximately 1475-
    • us: Le Riche, Anthoine, approximately 1475-
    • us: Riche, Anthoine Le, approximately 1475-
    • us: Rijcke, Antonius De, approximately 1475-
    • us: Ryche, Antonius de, approximately 1475-
    • us: Rycke, Anthonius, approximately 1475-
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    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 1475~
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  • Earlier Established Forms

      Divitis, Antonius, b. ca. 1475
  • Sources

    • found: His Missa, Quem dicunt homines, 1961: t.p. (Antonius Divitis)
    • found: New Grove (Divitis, Antonius (Rycke, Anthonius; Le Riche, Anthoine); b. ca. 1470, Louvain; d. between 1515 and 1534; Flemish composer)
    • found: Baker, 8th ed. (Divitis (de Ryche, le Riche), Antonius (Antoine); b. ca. 1475, Louvain; d. after 1526)
    • found: Algemene muz. enc. (Divitis (De Rijcke, Le Riche), Antonius; b. ca. 1475, Leuven; d.?)
    • found: Grove music online, Nov. 13, 2012 (Divitis, Antonius (Rycke, Anthonius; Le Riche, Anthoine); b. ca. 1470, Louvain; d. ca. 1530; South Netherlandish composer. His name was "Rycke" or "de Rycke", but in documents it is often gallicized as "Le Riche" or latinized as "Divitis" ("of the rich"); his music is inscribed with the latter, presumably the name by which he preferred to be known.)
    • found: Lux perpetua [SR] p2012: label (A. Divitis) container (Anthonius Divitis) insert (Antoine Divitis; Antoine Le Riche (Flemish: Antonius de Rycke); known by the latinized form Divitis; b. Louvain, around 1475; he was at the royal chapel of Francis I until 1525, after which he may have gone to Rome and perhaps died there around 1530)
    • found: Divitus, A. Collected works, c1993: p. xiii-xv (Antonius Divitis; Anthonius Rycke; Antonius de Rycke; Antoine Le Riche; born in Louvain; birth date open to conjecture; based on citation in Acta Capitularia of the Cathedral of Saint Donatien, Bruges, June 13, 1501, Divitis was born not later than ca. 1475; no evidence to account for his activities after 1524, although he is possibly the "Richardus Antonius" listed as a member of the Choir of Saint Peter's (Cappella Giulia), 1526; not possible to determine the place or date of death, but it may be presumed that he died ca. 1530)
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