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Josaphat, Saint, 1580?-1623

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  • Variants

    • us: Giosafat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: I︠A︡zafat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Īoasafat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Īoasafat, Saint, polot︠s︡kīĭ-unīi︠a︡tskīĭ arkhīepiskop, 1580?-1623
    • us: Iosafat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Iosafat, Saint, Abp. of Polotsk, 1580?-1623
    • us: Iosifat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Josafat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Josaphas, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Josaphat, Saint, Archbishop of Polatsk, 1580?-1623
    • us: Jozaphat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kountzévitch, Josaphat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kuncevicius, Josaphat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kuncevicz, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kuncevyč, Josafat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kuncevyč, Josaphat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kuncewic, Josaphat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kuncewicz, Jan, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kuncewicz, Josaphat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kuncewycz, Ioann, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kuntsėvich, I︠A︡zafat, Saint, 1580-1623
    • us: Kunt︠s︡evich, Īoasafat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kunt︠s︡evich, Iosifat, Saint, 1580-1623
    • us: Kunt︠s︡evych, Ĭosafat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Kuntsevych, Yosafat, Saint, 1580?-1623
    • us: Yosafat, Saint, 1580?-1623
  • Additional Information

    • Birth Date

        (edtf) 1580?
    • Death Date

        (edtf) 1623
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  • Sources

    • found: Oxford dict. of saints(Josaphat, 1580-1623, archbishop and martyr)
    • found: Holweck(Josaphat Kuncewic, martyr, Bishop of Polozk, O.S. Bas.; b. at Wladimir in Volhynia, d. 11/12/1623)
    • found: Butler's saint for the day, 2007:(St. Josaphat, Ioann Kuncewycz, Archbishop of Polotsk, martyr, about 1580-1623)
    • found: Butler's lives of the saints(St. Josaphat, Archbishop of Polotsk, martyr, d. 1623)
    • found: New Cath. enc.(Josaphat Kuncevyč, St., b. in Polish prov. of Wolyn 1580?; "Apostle of Union" and martyr; d. Witebsk, 11-12-1623)
    • found: LC PreMarc file(hdg.: Iosafat, Saint, Abp. of Polotsk, 1580?-1623)
    • found: Enc. catt.(Giosafat, saint, archbishop, martyr; b. 1580, d. 11-12-1623; family name: Kuncewicz)
    • found: Dict. de spiritualité(Josaphat Kuncevicz, Saint, Bishop of Poltzk; d. 1623)
    • found: BM cat.(hdg.: Josaphat [Jan Kuncewicz], Saint, Archbishop of Poltsk; refs.: Josafat, Josaphas, Jozaphat; Kountzévitch, Josaphat; Kuncewicz, Josaphat; Kuncevicius, Josaphat)
    • found: Soloviĭ, Meletiĭ M. Svi︠a︡tyĭ Ĭosafat Kunt︠s︡evych, 1967.
    • found: Sluzhba ŭ honar sʹvi︠a︡toho I︠A︡zafata Kuntsėvicha Pakutnika i arkhiepiskapa Polatskaha, 1992:cover p. 2 (...Sʹv. Pakutnika I︠A︡zafata Kuntsėvicha; ...Svi︠a︡tomy Muchenniku Iosifatu; ...Sv. Iosifata Kunt︠s︡evicha)
    • found: Īoasafat Kunt︠s︡evich, polot︠s︡kīĭ-unīi︠a︡tskīĭ arkhīepiskop, 1865:t.p. (canonized by Pope Pius IX)
    • found: Encyc. of Ukraine:v. 2, p. 713 (Kuntsevych, Yosafat [Kuncevyč, Josafat], b. ca. 1580 in Volhynia, d. 12 Nov. 1623 in Vitsebsk, Belorussia. Uniate archbishop and polemicist; Catholic saint. He was consecrated Bishop of Polatsk in 1617 and elevated to Archbishop in 1618. Kuntsevych raised the educational and moral standards of the Uniate clergy in his eparchy, and with Y. Rutsky initiated a major reform of the Basilian order. Supported by the Polish king and the Vatican, Kuntsevych took over many Orthodox churches and transformed them into Uniate ones which resulted in intense religious conflict in the region. Kuntsevych was killed by enraged Orthodox followers on 12 Nov. 1623. He was beatified by the Vatican in 1642 and canonized by Pope Pius IX on 29 June 1867, becoming the first eastern-rite saint in the Catholic Church. Kuntsevych wrote many polemical articles in Ukrainian and Polish)
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