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Obʺedinenie "I︠A︡bloko"

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  • Variants

    • Obshchestvennoe obʺedinenie "I︠A︡bloko"
    • OO I︠A︡bloko (Political party : Russia)
    • OOO "I︠A︡bloko" (Political party : Russia)
    • Frakt︠s︡ii︠a︡ "I︠A︡bloko"
    • Fraktion Jabloko
    • "I︠A︡bloko", obshchestvennoe obʺedinenie
    • I︠A︡bloko (Political party : Russia)
    • Yabloko (Political party : Russia)
    • Jabloko (Political party : Russia)
    • Yabloko Party (Russia)
    • Yabloko Association
    • Blok I︠A︡vlinskiĭ-Boldyrev-Lukin
    • Rossiĭskai︠a︡ obʺedinennai︠a︡ demokraticheskai︠a︡ partii︠a︡ "I︠A︡bloko"
    • RODP "I︠A︡bloko"
    • Объединение "Яблоко"
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    • Sources

      • found: Reformy dli︠a︡ bolʹshinstva, 1995:t.p. (Obʺedinenie "I︠A︡bloko") p. 3 (Obshchestvennoe obʺedinenie "I︠A︡bloko")
      • found: Politicheskai︠a︡ platforma, 1995:t.p. (Obshchestvennoe obʺedinenie I︠A︡bloko; OO I︠A︡bloko)
      • found: Chto my smogli sdelatʹ v Gosudarstvennoĭ Dume? 1995:t.p. (Frakt︠s︡ii︠a︡ "I︠A︡bloko") Russ VKP cd. ("I︠A︡bloko", obshchestvennoe ob-nie)
      • found: "I︠A︡bloko"-- gorodam, 1999:t.p. (Obʺedinenie "I︠A︡bloko") t.p. verso (OOO "I︠A︡bloko") p. 5 (Obʺedinenie "I︠A︡bloko" is a parlamentary democratic party) p. 73-74 ("I︠A︡bloko" established at the end of 1993; located in Moscow)
      • found: Party (Russia); the logo is a pun on the party's name which can be interpreted in Russian as Ya blok [Block Ya] or yabloko [apple]. They also call themselves the Yabloko Association. Their leader is Grigory Yavlinsky)
      • found: Predvybornai︠a︡ platforma, 1993:t.p. (Blok: I︠A︡vlinskiĭ-Boldyrev-Lukin)
      • found: The Russian democratic party Yabloko, 2006:p. 59 (Yurii Boldyrev and Vladimir Lukin gave their names to the new bloc and subsequently supplied the 'b' and the 'l,' which together with Yavlinskii's 'ya' would create the party name 'Yabloko.'
      • found: Zhenshchiny v Rossii, 2007:t.p. (Rossiĭskai︠a︡ obʺedinennai︠a︡ demokraticheskai︠a︡ partii︠a︡ "I︠A︡bloko") verso t.p. (RODP "I︠A︡bloko")
      • found: Ju, J. Tschetschenienkrieg und nationalistischer Diskurs in Russland : am Beispiel von KPRF und Jabloko, 2005:t.p. (Jabloko) p. 15 (die Fraktion Jabloko...)
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