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us: Kamernyĭ orkestr "Solisty Moskvy"

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  • Variants

    • us: Moscow Soloists
    • us: Moscow Ensemble of Soloists
    • us: Ansamblʹ "Solisty Moskvy"
    • us: Solisty Moskvy
    • us: Solistes de Moscou
    • us: Moskauer Solisten
    • us: Solisti di Mosca
    • us: Moscow Soloists Chamber Orchestra
  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Moscow Soloists
  • Sources

    • found: Schnittke, A. Concerto for three [SR] p1996: label (Moscow Soloists) insert (founded in 1992 by Yuri Bashmet)
    • found: Tarnopolʹskiĭ, V. An introduction to Vladimir Tarnopolski, p1998: label (Moscow Ensemble of Soloists)
    • found: Google web site, Nov. 26, 2003 (In 1992 Russian violist I͡U. Bashmet organized Kamernyĭ orkestr "Solisty Moskvy" [in Rom.])
    • found: Google web site, Nov. 26, 2003 (Ansamblʹ "Solisty Moskvy" [in Rom.])
    • found: Kamernyĭ orkestr "Solisty Moskvy". Shostakovich, Sviridov, Vainberg [SR] p2005: label (Moscow Soloists) insert (Moscow Soloists; Les solistes de Moscou; Die Moskauer Solisten; founded by Yuri Bashmet in 1992)
    • found: Schnittke, A. Trio sonata [SR] p1991: label (Moscow Soloists) insert (Moscow Soloists; Moskauer Solisten; Solistes de Moscou; Solisti di Mosca; chamber orchestra founded 1986 by Yuri Bashmet)
    • found:, Apr. 27, 2006: Orchestras/ensembles (Ensemble The Moscow Soloists; Moscow Soloists; originally founded by Yuri Bashmet in 1986; disbanded and re-organized by Bashmet in 1992)
    • found: Grove music online, Apr. 27, 2006: entry for Yuri Bashmet (Moscow Soloists Chamber Orchestra; founded 1986; re-organized with new personnel in 1992)
    • found: Library of Congress Music Division concert, 2007-01-24 [SR] 2007: program notes (Moscow Soloists; Stepan Yakovich, Andrei Poskrobko, Mikhail Ashurov, Irina Shevliakova, Olga Kolgatina, 1st violins; Sergey Lomovsky, Leonid Ferents, Maxim Gurevich, German Beshulya, 2nd violins; Vitaly Astakhov, Nina Matcharadze, Roman Balashov, Alexander Ilatovsky, violas; Alexei Naidenov, Alexei Tolstov, Nikolay Solonovich, violoncellos; Maxim Khlopiev, double bass; founded by Yuri Bashmet in 1986; re-established in 1992)
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    • 1996-12-13: new
    • 2007-04-19: revised
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