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Tʻeodoros, Zōravar, Saint, -306

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  • Variants

    • Theodore Tyro, of Euchaita, Saint, -306
    • Theodorus, of Amasia, Saint, -306
    • Theodorus Tiro, of Amasia, Saint, -306
    • Theodore of Amasia, Saint, -306
    • Theodore The Recruit, Saint, -306
    • Theodore Teron, Saint, -306
    • Theodore, The General, Saint
    • Theodore, Stratelates, Saint
    • Teodoro, d'Amasea, Saint, -306
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Tʻeodoros, Zōravar, Saint, d. 306
  • Sources

    • found: Patmutʻiwn varutsʻ Srboyn Sargsi Zōravari, 1854:p. 55 (... Srboyn Tʻeodorosi Zōravarin)
    • found: Dict. of Christian biogr., 1967:p. 956-957 (Theodorus of Amasia)
    • found: NUC 73-77(Theodorus Tiro, of Amasia, Saint)
    • found: Book of saints, 1966:(Theodore Tyro; st., m.; d. 306; recruit, i.e. tyro, in the Roman army; set fire to Temple of Cybele in Amasia)
    • found: Bio. dic. of the saints, 1924:(Theodore Tiro, of Euchaita (near Amasia); martyred in 306)
    • found: San Teodoro, 2016:xi (Teodoro d'Amasea)
    • found: A tale of two saints, 2016:t.p. (the martyrdoms and miracles of Saints Theodore 'the Recruit' and 'the General') p.1 (St Theodore 'the Recruit'; teron; martyred at Amasia under Maximian and Maximinus) p. 6 (St Theodore 'the General; Stratelates; "The origins of the cult remain unknown: Oikonomides hypothesied that it reflected the post-iconoclastic misidentification of older images of St Theodore in civilian and in military dress, with the latter being taken as a different saint from the former)
    • found: History of Armenia, 1973:PDF p. 366 (Tʻeodoros zoravar, see Theodore Stratelates)
    • found: Wikipedia, viewed 19 September 2017:Theme (Byzantine district), Transformation and decline of the theme system, 960s-1070s (junior stratēgos (called zirwar by the Arabs and zoravar by the Armenians))
    • found: Wikipedia, viewed 19 September 2017:Theodore Stratelates (Numerous conflicting legends grew up about the life and martyrdom of St Theodore of Amasea so that, in order to bring some consistency into the stories, it seems to have been assumed that there were two different saints, St Theodore Tiron of Amasea and St Theodore Stratelates of Heraclea)
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