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Shell Transport and Trading Company

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    • us: Royal Dutch/Shell Group
    • us: Koninklijke Nederlandsche/Shell Groep
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  • Sources

    • found: A century in oil, 1997: t.p. (Shell Transport and Trading Company) p. 7 (formed on 18 Oct. 1897; one of the parents of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies)
    • found: Koninklijke Nederlandsche Petroleum Maatschappij verslag, 2003: p. 6 (The Shell group of companies grew out of the 1907 alliance between Koninklijke Nederlandsche Petroleum Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Petroleum Company, Shell) in The Netherlands and the Shell Transport and Trading Company in the UK. Koninklijke Nederlandsche Petroleum Maatschappij (60% of shares) and the Shell Transport and Trading Company (40% of shares) serve as holding companies for the two parent companies, Shell Petroleum N.V. (Netherlands) and Shell Petroleum Company Limited (UK), which oversee production. The Group has five core businesses: Exploration and Production (Exploratie en Productie), Oil Products (Olie Producten), Chemicals (Chemie), Downstream Gas and Electricity, and Renewable Energy (Duurzame Energie). There are many subsidiary companies operating all over the world)
    • found: Royal Dutch Shell plc. Annual report and form 20-F for the year ended, Dec. 31, 2005: p. 6 (in 2005, Royal Dutch Shell became the single, 100% parent company of Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. and Shell Transport & Trading Co. Ltd.; Royal Dutch Petroleum Co. then bought Shell Transport & Trading Co. and was subsequently merged into its subsidiary Shell Petroleum N.V., leaving Royal Dutch Shell owning Shell Petroleum N.V. and the latter owning Shell Transport & Trading Co. Ltd.; Shell Transport and Trading Company Limited previously known as The "Shell" Transport and Trading Company, p.l.c.)
    • found: The new encyclopædia Britannica, 1997: micropædia, v. 10, p. 218, etc. (Shell Transport and Trading Company, PLC, of London; beginning in 1907 formed part of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group or Koninklijke Nederlandsche/Shell Groep along with the Koninklijke Nederlandsche Maatschappij tot Exploitatie van Petroleumbronnen in Nederlandsch-Indië)
    • found: Wikipedia, viewed 28 Oct. 2014: under Royal Dutch Shell (the Royal Dutch Shell Group was created in February 1907 through the amalgamation of two rival companies: Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and the "Shell" Transport and Trading Company Ltd of the United Kingdom; the merging companies maintained their legal existence, but operated as a single-unit partnership for business purposes)
    • found: Grace's Guide, viewed 28 Oct. 2014: under Shell (the company was initially called the Tank Syndicate but in 1897 it was renamed the Shell Transport and Trading Company; incorporated in 1897 as a limited company to work the mineral oil-producing, refining, transporting and distributing properties formerly belonging to M. Samuel and Co. and their associates; the name Shell was first used in 1891)
    • found: DueDil website, viewed 28 Oct. 2014 (The Shell Transport and Trading Company Limited; incorporation date: 18 Oct. 1897; previous name: The Shell Transport and Trading Company Public Limited Company, until 20 July 2005)
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