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us: Ayouch, Nabil

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  • Variants

    • us: ʻAyūsh, Nabīl
    • us: عيوش، نبيل
    • us: Aiyouqi, Nabier
    • us: 艾尤奇納比爾
    • us: Na bi er ai you qi
    • us: 納比爾艾尤奇
  • Sources

    • found: Ali Zaoua, c2000: credits (Nabil Ayouch)
    • found: Internet movie database, Oct. 1, 2003 (Nabil Ayouch; director, writer, producer)
    • found: Les chevaux de Dieu = Yā khayl Allāh, 2013: opening credits (‫نبيل عيوش&#٬٢٠٢ك؛ = Nabڶil Ayڶush; Nabil Ayouch)
    • found: OCLC, 14 May 2014 (access points: Ayouch, Nabil, Ayouch, Nabil (1969-....) (FrPBN)14076060, 艾尤奇納比爾 = Aiyouqi, Nabier (Ayouch, Nabil), 納比爾艾尤奇 = Na bi er ai you qi (Ayouch, Nabil), 艾尤奇 = Aiyouqi (Ayouch, Nabil), 艾尤奇 = Ai, Youqi (Ayouch, Nabil); usages: Nabil Ayouch, 納比爾艾尤奇 = Na bi er ai you qi)
    • found: IMDb, 20 May 2014 (Nabil Ayoush; producer, director, writer; born April 1st 1969 in Paris; he works and lives in Casablanca; in 1997, directed his first feature film, Mektoub; in 1999, founded Ali n'Productions, a company through which he helps young directors to launch their careers; in 2006, he launched the Meda Films Development programme, a structure to accompany producers and scriptwriters from the ten countries on the southern shore of the Mediterranean in the development phase of their films; founded the G.A.R.P. (Group of Authors, Directors, Producers) in 2002 and the Moroccan Coalition for Cultural Diversity in 2003; in 2008, he participated in the creation of the Moroccan Anti-Piracy Association, of which he is president)
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