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Shābb al-Ẓarīf, Muḥammad ibn Sulaymān, 1263-1289

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  • Variants

    • Muḥammad ibn Sulaymān al-Shābb al-Ẓarīf, 1263-1289
    • Shams-al-Dīn al-Tilimsānī al-Shābb al-Ẓarīf, 1263-1289
    • Shams-al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn ʻAfīf-al-Dīn Sulaymān ibn Shams-al-Dīn ʻAli, 1263-1289
    • Tilimsānī, Muḥammad ibn Sulaymān ibn ʻAlī, 1263-1289
    • Tilimsānī, al-Shābb al-Ẓarīf, 1263-1289
    • شاب الظريف، محمد بن سليمان
    • شاب الظريف، محمد بن سليمان، 1263-1289
    • شاب الظريف، محمد بن سليمان، 1289-1263
    • شاب الظريف التلمساني
    • الشاب الظريف التلمساني
    • شمس الدين التلمساني الشاب الظريف
    • شمس الدين محمد بن عفيف الدين سليمان بن شمس الدين علي
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  • Sources

    • found: Dīwān al-Shābb al-Ẓarīf, 19--?:t.p. (al-Shābb al-Ẓarīf Shams al-Dīn Muḥammad ibn Sulaymān ʻAfīf al-Dīn al-Tilimsānī, d. 688 H) p. 2 (b. 10 Jumādá al-Ākhirah, 661 H)
    • found: Ziriklī(al-Shābb al-Ẓarīf; Muḥammad ibn Sulaymān ibn ʻAlī ibn ʻAbd Allāh al-Tilimsānī, shams al-Dīn, al-maʻrūf bi-al-Shābb al-Ẓarīf, wa-yuqālu lāhu Ibn al-ʻAfīf; 661-688/1263-1289)
    • found: Maqāmāt al-Ushshāq = Séances des amoureux, 1984:title page (aš-Šābb aẓ-Ẓarīf at-Tilimsāni (668.H - 661.H)) half-title page (As-Sabb-az-Zarif - Tilimsani) added title page (al-Shābb al-Ẓarīf al-Tilimsānī = الشاب الظريف التلمساني) leaves 4-5 (ڻSams-ad-Dڶin at-Tilimsڶanڶi Aڻs-ڻSabb Aۊz-ۊZarڶif; ڻSams-ad-Dڶine Muۊhammad ibn څAfڶif-ad-Dڶin Sulaymڶan ibn ڻSams-ad-Dڶin څAli ... at-Tilimsڶanڶi Aڻs-ڻSabb Aۊz-ۊZarڶif; b. 661.H / 1263 in Cairo; spent most of his life in the company of his father, who left his birth city, Tlemcen, for Cairo and then Damascus; learned poetry and theology under the direction of his father; died in Damascus in 688.H / 1290, age 27)
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    • PJ7760.S48
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    • [Non-Latin script references not evaluated.]
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