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Fabius Pictor, active 154 B.C.-151 B.C.

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  • Variants

    • Fabius Pictor, Ser. (Servius), active 154 B.C.-151 B.C.
    • Pictor, Fabius, active 154 B.C.-151 B.C.
    • Pictor, Ser. Fabius (Servius Fabius), active 154 B.C.-151 B.C.
    • Ser. Fabius Pictor (Servius Fabius Pictor), active 154 B.C.-151 B.C.
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    • Earlier Established Forms

      • Fabius Pictor, fl. 154-151 B.C.
    • Sources

      • found: The works of Fabius Pictor [CF] 1991:PHI CD ROM #5.3, Latin Canon, bibliographic screen (Fabius Pictor)
      • found: Oxford class. dict., 1st ed.:p. 355 (Fabius Pictor Quintus; Roman senator and historian; wrote a history of Rome in Greek. The Latin annuals,if not a later adaptation, may belong to Ser. Fabius, the work De iure pontificio to Fabius Servilianus)
      • found: Pauly-Wissowa:12. Halbbd., col. 1842-1844; "Fabius", #128 (Ser. (?) Fabius Pictor; cited by Cicero as Ser. Fabius Pictor, but as the praenomen Servius does not otherwise appear among the Fabius, it may be corrupt.Two theories prevail: either the name may be N. Fabius Pictor, or identical with Q. Fabius Servilianus, but a closer determination is not possible. The name, which otherwise appears as Fabius Pictor without forename, attaches to two works, one a Latin annuals of the history of Rome, the other a study of the duties of the pontifices. Generally it can be assumed that besides the old annalist Q. Fabius Pictor, there was a younger FabiusPictor active two generations later (154-151 B.C.), but his praenomen cannot be readily established)
      • found: Dict. of Greek and Roman biography and mythology, 1967:v. 3, p. 364; "Pictor", #6 (Ser. Fabius Pictor; contemporary of A. Postumius Albinus, who was consul in 151 B.C., and is said by Cicero to be well skilled in law, literature, and antiquity. Appears to be the same Fabius Pictor who wrote a work De jure pontifio, cited by Nonnius. Probably wrote annals likewise in the Latin language, cited by Cicero after Cato and before Piso, which corresponds to the time at which Ser. Pictor lived, but could refere to Q. Pictor, who lived at the time of the Second Punic War, and who wrote his history in Greek)
      • notfound: NUC pre-56.
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