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us: Kingston, Felix

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  • Variants

    • us: Kyngston, Felix
    • us: K., F. (Felix Kingston)
    • us: F. K. (Felix Kingston)
    • us: Kingston, F. (Felix)
    • us: Kyngston, Felyx
    • us: Kingston, Fœlix
    • us: Kingston, Felik
    • us: Kyngstonius, Felix
    • us: Kinston, Felix
    • us: Kinston, F.
  • Sources

    • found: Speed, J. The genealogies recorded in the sacred Scriptures, 1642: imprint on t.p. (Felix Kingston)
    • found: Camden, W. Britain, or a chorographicall description of the most flourishing kingdomes ..., 1637: imprint on t.p. (F. K.)
    • found: Cooper, T. The converts first love discerned, justified, left and recovered, 1610: imprint on t.p. (F. Kingston)
    • found: Bernard, R. The ready way to good works, or, a treatise of charitie ..., 1635: imprint on t.p. (Felyx Kyngston)
    • found: Foxe, J. Acts and monuments of matters most speciall and memorable ..., 1632: imprint on t.p. (Fœlix Kingston)
    • found: Goodman, G. The creatures praysing God, or, the religion of dumbe creatures, 1622: imprint on t.p. (Felik Kingston)
    • found: Plomer, H. Dict. of the booksellers and printers ..., 1641-1667, 1907 (Kingston, or Kyngston, Felix; 1597-1651; printer in London, 1. over against the sign of the checker, Paternoster Row, 1603; 2. in Pater-Noster Row, at the signe of the Gilded Cock, 1644; son of John Kingston, printer, 1553-84; in 1618, along with Matthew Lownes and Bartholomew Downes, made one of the King's Printers in Ireland; Master of Stat. Co. 1635-6)
    • found: He tes anthologias anthologia, 1629: imprint on t.p. (Execudebat Felix Kyngstonius)
    • found: Whitbourne, C. R., A discourse and discouery of New-found-land ...,1622: imprint statement (Felix Kinston)
    • found: Whitbourne, R. Bishops' letters instructing parishes to collect money for Whitbourne, 1622; ESTC WWW, viewed Jan. 11, 2008: imprint statement (F. Kinston)
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