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us: J. and R. Tonson

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    • us: J. & R. Tonson
    • us: Jacob and Richard Tonson
    • us: Tonson (Firm)
    • us: Mess. J. and R. Tonson
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    • found: Pope, A. The works of Alexander Pope Esq. in nine volumes complete, 1757: imprint on t.p. (J. and R. Tonson)
    • found: Caesar, J. C. Julii Caesaris et A. Hirtii de rebus ̀a C. Julio Caesare gestis Commentarii, 1759: imprint on t.p. (J. & R. Tonson)
    • found: Ovid. Ovid's Art of love, in three books, 1757: imprint on t.p. (Jacob and Richard Tonson)
    • found: Geduld, Harry M. Prince of publishers, 1969: p. 21 (Jacob and Richard, sons of Jacob Tonson II (d. 1735); take up father's place of business)
    • found: Butler, S. Hudibras, 1744: imprint on t.p. (Mess. J. and R. Tonson)
    • found: Plomer, H. R. A dictionary of the printers and booksellers who were at work in England, Scotland and Ireland from 1668 to 1725, 1922: p. 291 (Tonson, Jacob I, bookseller in London; fl. 1677-1720; in 1678 [published] Préchac's ... The heroin musqueteer with his brother [Richard] and Bentley and Magnes; between 1698 and 1700 ... moved from Chancery Lane to Gray's Inn Gate, no doubt succeeding his brother, whose name disappears from the Term Catalogues in 1689) p. 292 (Tonson, Richard; bookseller in London, Gray's Inn Gate; fl. 1675-89(?); elder brother of Jacob Tonson I; Jacob Tonson took over the shop between 1698 and 1700; possibly Richard had only left publishing to his brother and confined himself to retail bookselling) p. 292 (Tonson, Jacob II; bookseller, bookbinder and printer in London; nephew of Jacob Tonson I ... and probably son of Richard; he may have succeeded his father soon after 1689, but is first known as in partnership with his uncle after 1700; in or about 1720 he succeeded his uncle; Jacob II died on December 2nd, 1735, and was succeeded by his son Jacob III)
    • found: DNB: v. LVII, p. 38 (Jacob Tonson III (d. 1767), great-nephew of Jacob Tonson I, and son of Jacob Tonson junior, carried on the publishing business in the Strand; Richard Tonson (d. 1772), the third Jacob Tonson's brother, who took little part in the concerns of the business)
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