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us: Stansby, William, active 1597-1638

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    • us: S., W. (William Stansby), active 1597-1638
    • us: Sta, W. (William Stansby), active 1597-1638
    • us: Stanesbeius, Will. (William), active 1597-1638
    • us: Stansby, G. (Gulielmus), active 1597-1638
    • us: Stansby, Gulielmus, active 1597-1638
    • us: Stansby, VVilliam, active 1597-1638
    • us: Stansby, W. (William), active 1597-1638
    • us: Stansby, Will. (William), active 1597-1638
    • us: Stansbye, William, active 1597-1638
    • us: W. S. (William Stansby), active 1597-1638
    • us: W. Sta (William Stansby), active 1597-1638
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      Stansby, William, fl. 1597-1638
  • Sources

    • found: M. Blundevile His exercises, 1622: imprint on t.p. (W. Stansby)
    • found: A dictionary of printers and booksellers in England, Scotland and Ireland, and of foreign printers of English books 1557-1640, 1910 (Stansby, William; printer and bookseller in London; fl. 1597-1639; at Cross Keys at St. Paul's Wharf (Windet's shop))
    • found: ESTC (RLIN), Mar. 6, 1997 (usage: W. Stansby, William Stansby, W[illiam] S[tansby], G[ulielmi] Stansby, Gulielmum Stansby, W. Sta[nsby]; fl. 1597-1638)
    • found: The British literary book trade, 1475-1700, c1996 (hdg.: Stansby, William; fl. 1597-1636; d. Sept. 1638; buried Sept. 17, 1638)
    • found: Hooker, R. Of the lawes of ecclesiastical politie, 1622: imprint statement (William Stansbye [printer])
    • found: Powel, J. The assize of bread, 1610: imprint statement (VVilliam Stansby [printer])
    • found: Selden, J. Iohannis Seldeni Mare clausum ..., 1635: imprint statement (Excudebat Will. Stanesbeius ...)
    • found: Oxford dictionary of national biography, viewed online 6 September 2017 (Stansby, William (bap. 1572, d. 1638), printer and bookseller; baptized on 8 July 1572 in the parish of St Mary Major, Exeter; indentured as the apprentice of the London printer John Windet from Christmas 1589 (Windet, who had moved to the Cross Keys in Thames Street in London in 1588, came from the same parish in Exeter as Stansby); was freed as a member of the Stationers' Company on 7 January 1597; appears to have spent all of his early career with Windet, who printed a mix of godly books, psalm books, music, some poetry, and history as well as proclamations and other official material for the City of London; the business had close connections with Lambeth Palace; became Windet's co-partner early in 1609; following Windet's death (before 17 December 1610), Stansby transformed the Cross Keys printing house; emphasis on substantial works of antiquarian and historical interest that were printed in much smaller quantities; best-known as the printer of Ben Jonson's Workes (1616); printed books by John Donne, Sir Walter Ralegh, William Camden, John Selden, Michael Drayton, Sir Francis Bacon, Samuel Purchas, and several others of note; provided specialist composition in Anglo-Saxon, Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew, as well as being the first English printer to print woodblocks of Japanese and a number of other languages; printed many sermons and other religious tracts; probably the second largest press in London after the royal printing house; elected to the livery of the Stationers' Company; 1624-1625, churchwarden for St Peter Paul's Wharf; shortly after 1625, acquired the rights to all the copies of the printer Thomas Snodham, including a great many books covered by the music privilege; in mid-1620s, began printing psalm books, increasingly printed almanacs and catechisms; in early 1636 he sold his business to Richard Bishop; former apprentice John Carwithing; died at some point between 9 and 14 September 1638; buried in the chancel of St Peter Paul's Wharf on 17 September)
    • found: British book trade index, 6 September 2017 Stansby, William [1] (Stansby, William; town: London; addresses: At Paul's Wharf at the Cross Keys (1597); In Thames Street by Paul's Wharf next to St Peter's Church (1620); St Dunstan's Churchyard, Fleet Street; book trades: printer, bookseller, music printer; trading dates: 1590 (date of apprenticeship)-1636; biographical dates: 1590 (before)-1638 (date of death); notes: apprentice, journeyman, & successor (1610) to John Windet. Made free of the Stationers' Company in 1597. 1628 acquired some of Snodham's music copyrights. Succeeded by Richard Bishop 1636; after his death, widow assigned business to Richard Bishop. Ben Johnson's printer and publisher 1611-16) Stansby, William [2] (Stansby, William; town: London; book trades: printer, publisher; 1572 (date of birth)-1616 (date from imprint); note: Associated with John Mungwell, bookseller, Exeter)
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