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us: Coëtivy Master, active 1450-1485

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    • us: Amiens, Colin d', active 1450-1485
    • us: Colin, d'Amiens, active 1450-1485
    • us: Maître de Coëtivy, active 1450-1485
    • us: Master of Coëtivy, active 1450-1485
    • us: Valcop, Henry de, active 1450-1485
    • us: Villecocq, Henri de, active 1450-1485
    • us: Vulcop, Henri de, active 1450-1485
    • us: Wilcop, Henri de, active 1450-1485
    • us: Wulcob, Henri de, active 1450-1485
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  • Earlier Established Forms

      Coëtivy Master, fl. 1450-1485
  • Sources

    • found: The last flowering, 1982: p. 37 (Coëtivy Master; one of the illuminators of Walters Art Gallery MS. W.297, which was executed ca. 1460; Coëtivy Master has been identified with with one Henri de Vulcop (Villecocq, Wilcop, or Wulcob), who worked in the Loire Valley during the third quarter of the 15th cent.; this identification remains circumstantial)
    • found: Les manuscrits à peintures en France, 1440-1520, 1993: p. 58 (Maître de Coëtivy; most important artist working in Paris, ca. 1450-1485) p. 59 (Maître de Coëtivy has been identifed with Henri de Vulcop and Colin d'Amiens)
    • found: Dict. of art, 1996: v. 20, p. 650 (Coëtivy Master; Master of Coëtivy; fl. ca. 1455-1475; named after the Book of Hours with portraits and armorial bearings of Olivier de Coëtivy and his wife Marie Marguerite de Valois (Vienna, Österreich. Nbib., MS. 1929)) p. 652 (Coëtivy Master may be identified with the artist Henri de Vulcop; the identification cannot yet be considered certain)
    • found: Thieme-Becker, 1940: (Valcop, Henry de; in 1454 illuminator to Marie d'Anjou, Queen of France)
    • found: Union list of artist names, Apr. 16, 2002 (Master of Coëtivy; possibly identified with Henri de Vulcop; Valcop, Henry de; act. 1454; act. 1460-1480; Colin d'Amiens; French painter; 15th century)
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