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Ecological disturbances

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    • Disturbance ecology
    • Disturbances, Ecological
    • Ecological perturbations
    • Ecosystem disturbances
    • Ecosystem perturbations
    • Environmental disturbances
    • Environmental perturbations
    • Perturbations, Ecological
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    • found: Work cat.: Welander, J. Spatial and temporal dynamics of a disturbance regime, 2000:abstr. (ecological consequences on plant species diversity as a result of disturbances by wild boar)
    • found: LC database, Jan. 25, 2000(ti: Disturbance in grasslands; Disturbance and recovery in Arctic lands; Disturbance and forest health in Oregon and Washington; Amazonian rain forests : ecosystem disturbance and recovery; Disturbance and ecosystems; Northern environmental disturbances; The ecology of natural disturbance and patch dynamics; Ecosystem disturbance and wildlife conservation in western grasslands; Landscape disturbance and biodiversity in Mediterranean-type ecosystems; Landscape heterogeneity and disturbance)
    • found: Dunster, J.A. Dict. of natural resource management, c1996(Disturbance. A discrete force that causes significant change in structure and/or composition through natural events such as fire, flood, wind, or earthquake; mortality caused by insect or disease outbreaks, or by human-caused events such as the harvest of a forest. In forests, larger disturbances generally favour colonizing species, while smaller disturbances favour the competitive species. Typically, diversity in the landscape is greater with large disturbances at infrequent intervals. Small but frequent disturbances create high diversity at the stand or ecosystem level.)
    • found: The dict. of forestry, c1998(disturbance (ecology): any relatively discrete event in time that disrupts ecosytem, community, or population structure and changes resources, substrate availability, or the physical environment)
    • found: Large ecosystem perturbations, 2007:pref. (environmental perturbations) p. 97 (ecosystem perturbation)
    • found: Plant disturbance ecology, c2007.
    • found: Ecological risks, 1990, via WWW, Oct. 11, 2007:p. 31 (perturbation of an ecological system; perturbing events) p. 38 (ecological perturbation)
    • found: Fritts, T.H. The brown treesnake on Guam, via WWW, Oct. 11, 2007:table of contents (ecological perturbations)
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    • 2000-01-25: new
    • 2007-11-16: revised
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