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Blaxploitation films

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    • Action films, Black
    • Black action films
    • Black exploitation films
    • Blacksploitation films
    • Exploitation films, Black
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  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Shaft (Motion picture : 1971). Shaft [VR], 2000.
    • found: Konigsberg, I. The complete film dict., 1997(blaxploitation film, blacksploitation film: A film made with black performers and aimed at a black audience, though generally made by white producers. These films were especially popular in the early 1970s and took the form of nearly every established genre, though perhaps the most prominent were the violent and sensationalistic crime films such as Shaft (1971), which was certainly one of the best of this group.)
    • found: History of the American cinema, c1990 :v. 9, p. 259 (black action, or blaxploitation film; one of three exploitation genres) pp. 261-262 ([after Shaft] the next blaxploitation landmark was Superfly; black action films) p. 264 (blaxploitation parody)
    • found: Yee, M.M. Moving image materials, 1988(Black films and programs. UF Black exploitation films and programs, Black karate thrillers, Blaxploitation films, Black westerns. Scope note: In general use for films designed for a black audience. Include ... black exploitation films of the 70's about black heroes, e.g. detectives or devotees of the martial arts)
    • found: Amer. Heritage dict. of the Eng. lang., c2000(blaxploitation: A genre of American film of the 1970s featuring African-American actors in lead roles and often having antiestablishment plots, frequently criticized for stereotypical characterization and glorification of violence)
    • found: OED online, Mar. 16, 2001(blaxploitation: The exploitation of Blacks, esp. as actors in films of historical or other interest to Blacks; blacksploitation pictures; blacksploitation films; blaxploitation films)
    • found: Encarta world Eng. dict., via WWW, Mar. 16, 2001(Blaxploitation: black stereotyping in movies: depiction of blacks in movies or other media in a way that appeals to people's popular and often inaccurate or negative notions of their experiences and qualities (informal))
    • found: Merriam-Web. collegiate dict., via WWW, Mar. 16, 2001(blaxploitation: the exploitation of blacks by producers of black-oriented films)
    • found: LC database, Mar. 16, 2001(blaxploitation)
    • notfound: Singleton, R.S. Filmmaker's dict., c2000;Random House Web. unabr. dict., c1997;Web. 3
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    • 2004-03-25: revised
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