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Rapid prototyping

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    • Desktop automated manufacturing
    • Freeform fabrication
    • Freeform manufacturing
    • Prototyping, Rapid
    • RP (Rapid prototyping)
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    • found: Work cat.: Rapid prototyping casebook, 2001:p. 37 (the combined use of computer generated data and technology-based modelling to produce a first off that can be tested to identify any necessary changes; encompasses the typical three-dimensional RP techniques such as SLA, SLS, MJM, LOM, and CNC; it also includes the down-stream reproduction of RP parts to produce short run batches and to replicate specific materials in both plastics and metals through rapid tooling technologies) p. 177 (RP techniques allow the construction of real three-dimensional objects starting from computer data) p. 183 (rapid prototyping, also known as desktop automated manufacture and free form fabrication)
    • found: The new IEEE standard dict. of electrical and electronics terms, c1993(rapid prototyping: A type of prototyping in which emphasis is placed on developing prototypes early in the development process to permit early feedback and analysis in support of the development process)
    • found: Online computing dictionary, via WWW, Sept. 24, 2001(rapid prototyping <programming> The creation of a working model of a software module to demonstrate the feasibility of the function. The prototype is later refined for inclusion in a final product)
    • found: TechEncyclopedia, via WWW, Sept. 24, 2001(rapid prototyping: Turning 3-D models within the computer into actual, physical 3-D objects. Machines are available that build prototypes from various materials such as paper and liquid polymer)
    • found: high-tech dict., via WWW, Sept. 24, 2001(rapid prototyping: Creating a quick prototype of a software project for demonstration purposes, which can be refined later)
    • found: LC database, Sept. 24, 2001(rapid prototyping)
    • found: Schmid, M. Laser sintering with plastics, 2018:ECIP t.p. (SLS) chapt. 1 (An additive manufacturing (AM) process; Laser sintering (LS): By the introduction of energy, spatially resolved powder particles are fused together using a laser. By overlapping layers of powder, a three-dimensional body is produced. The LS process is currently considered as the AM process that will be able in the future to permanently cross the border between prototyping and functional components)
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