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Fishery closures

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    • us: Bans, Fishing
    • us: Closings of fishing areas
    • us: Closures of fishing areas
    • us: Fisheries--Closings
    • us: Fisheries--Closures
    • us: Fishery closings
    • us: Fishery moratoria
    • us: Fishery moratoriums
    • us: Fishing--Closings
    • us: Fishing--Closures
    • us: Fishing areas, Closures of
    • us: Fishing bans
    • us: Fishing closures
    • us: Fishing moratoria
    • us: Fishing moratoriums
    • us: Moratoria, Fishing
    • us: Moratoriums, Fishing
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    • found: Work cat.: Jamieson, G.S. Marine protected areas and fishery closures in British Columbia, 2000: p. ix (fishery closures restrict only fishing activity whereas marine protected areas have the potential to address and place a high priority on a much wider array of environment-impacting human activities ... fishery closures have been established for many reasons, including conservation, improved navigation, human health issues, and resource allocations to specific client sectors (commercial, recreational, and aboriginal) ... fishery closures range from a simple restriction to conserve a single species through to comprehensive harvest restrictions for all fishing in a specific geographical area) pp. 31-32 (A fishery closure under the Fisheries Act is a closure to regulate human fishing activities ... Fishery closures can be varied by time and area closure for scheduled species; closure of an area to fishing)
    • found: LC database, Nov. 9, 2001 (shellfish bed closures; closure of upper Naknek River to gill-net fishing; closure of the Texas territorial sea to shrimping; summer flounder fishery closure; closure of South Carolina's sounds and bays to commercial trawling)
    • found: OCLC WorldCat, Nov. 9, 2001 (eastern Gulf trawl closure; closure areas for the groundfish fisheries in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands; shellfish closures; seasonal closure measures for marine fishery resources conservation; area closure; area closures for the protection of immature salmon; closure of herring fishery; troll fishery closure; closure to angling; closed shellfish areas; tributary closures as means for restoring cutthroat trout in Priest Lake tributaries; closure on commercial fishing; closures in the northern prawn fishery; shellfish closure zones)
    • found: Davis, M.L. Assessment of the South Atlantic red porgy (Pagrus pagrus) population under a moratorium, 2003: p. 1 ("Under a moratorium, harvest ceases completely ... A number of fisheries have already had to deal with these circumstances ... Harvest moratoria, both total and partial (i.e., closed seasons or prohibited gear types), are increasingly prevalent in marine fisheries ...") p. 33 ("The implementation of a total moratorium, though less frequent due to the economic consequences of completely closing a fishery, may sometimes be the only remaining option for population rebuilding.")
    • found: Google search, Apr. 6, 2005 (fishing moratoria; fishing moratoriums; fishing bans and closures; moratoriums on fishing; fishery moratoria; fishery moratoriums)
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    • 2006-06-14: revised
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