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World beat (Music)

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    • us: Ethno pop (Music)
    • us: Ethnopop (Music)
    • us: World fusion (Music)
    • us: Worldbeat (Music)
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  • Sources

    • found: BDNE (World Beat)
    • found: Hennepin (World beat music)
    • found: White, D. Dict. of popular music styles of the world, 1998: p. vii ("Worldbeat", or "ethnopop", describes modern or contemporary ethnic pop music. It is the old ethnic folk music forms modernized, frequently electrified, and "rocked up" to a contemporary beat. True "worldbeat" retains the ethnic rhythmic and melodic patterns and is NOT just an American or Western melody sung in a foreign language)
    • found: New Rolling Stone encyc. of rock & roll, 1995: under World music (The term world music was coined in the late eighties as a way to pigeonhole popular or contemporary musical styles from countries other than the United States or Great Britain, and refers primarily to styles and genres outside these musical traditions. World music is a sweeping category used to describe international styles that are neither art nor classical, nor artificially preserved folk music, but rather the living music of ordinary people. World beat, another term describing popular music from around the world, also refers to music by British or American jazz and rock groups that incorporate international sounds into their own work)
    • found: All music guide to rock, 1995 (What world beat is depends to some degree on whom you're asking for a definition, but in general it could be said to refer to contemporary music produced from outside of mainstream American and European rock and pop forms, often incorporating rock, pop, and modern technology into indigenous traditional music. It wasn't until the beginning of the 1980's that world music began to exert a significant influence on Western rock culture)
    • found: Taylor, T.D. Global pop : world music, world markets, 1997: p. 1 (One of the most notable trends in the music industry since the 1980s has been the rise in popularity of new music genres: world music, world beat, world fusion; in Germany, Weltbeat and Weltmusik; in other parts of the world, ethno pop, Afropop, Afro beat. Offshoots of these genres include: tribal, techno-tribal, and cyber tribal, as well as ambient trance, and new age) p. 3 (World beat, when used at all, usually applies to popular musics from non-European cultures)
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    • 2001-03-12: revised
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