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Old-time music

  • Here is entered country music of the 1930's and earlier periods played and sung in the old-time styles as well as music of later periods performed in those styles.

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  • Variants

    • Hillbilly music
    • Mountain music
    • Old-time country music
    • Old-time mountain music
    • Old-time music--United States
    • Old timey music
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  • Earlier Established Forms

    • Country music--1931-1940
    • Country music--To 1931
  • Sources

    • found: Work cat.: Were'd you come from, where'd you go?, p1996:container (golden age of old time music (the 1920s and 30s); music that preceded bluegrass and modern country music and from which those later forms evolved in the 40s and 50s) insert (old time music evolved into bluegrass and country music)
    • found: Old-time music WWW home page, May 14, 2001(most old time musicians were white rural agrarian Southerners; singing was unschooled; musicianship expressed primarily through strings; song repertoire divided broadly between secular and sacred and further subdivided into categories of traditional, commercial, and original songs; developed in rural and isolated areas of the Southern Appalachian and other regions; two main strains of the music come from the banjo and the fiddle which were played separately and together, particularly for square dancing; songs and ballads, many imported from the British Isles and many written in American, are also an important part of old-time music)
    • found: Encyc. of country music, 1998(old-time music is generally used to refer to the styles and repertoires that dominated commercial country music's first decade, roughly from 1924-1935. The term seemed to originate with the record companies and publishers of the time who did not have a clear idea of what to call the music during its early days. Styles include: string band music either in bands or fiddle-guitar duets; group harmony singing; a form of white blues and related yodeling; a solo singing tradition in which artists adapted traditional material to various instrumental accompaniment)
    • found: Penguin encyc. of popular music, 1990(country music, variously known in the past as folk music, old-time music, hillbilly, C & W (country & western), etc.)
    • found: Google WWW search engine, July 10, 2001(usage: old-time (old time) music (1600 hits); old-time country music (1600); old timey music (1100); old timey country music (33); old time mountain music (361); mountain music (24,100))
    • found: LC database, June 19, 2001(usage: old time music; old timey ...; old time country music)
    • found: New Grove, 2nd ed.:under Country music (discusses the style but does not name it)
  • General Notes

    • Here is entered country music of the 1930's and earlier periods played and sung in the old-time styles as well as music of later periods performed in those styles.
  • Change Notes

    • 2001-06-19: new
    • 2001-08-09: revised
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